it's baaaack.

I haven't had my DSLR since January. I haven't taken a real picture for over three months. But finally, today it arrived after sending it off to get fixed! It seriously felt a little like Christmas morning unwrapping that baby. 

These were the first pictures I took...and it felt so good to hear the click of the camera again. 

This recent purchase--the bubble machine is genius. I call it the lazy-parent machine. It has provided an abundant of entertainment this week. 

My smiley {almost} 18 month old, who loves the outdoors. Especially her Gramps back porch, where she can watch the horses and donkeys in the field behind. 

Now that my camera is back, it means I will be back in this little space a lot more now!


painting a canvas for baby brother.

For about two months now, I have been wanting to do a little art project with the girls that involved them creating something for Lincoln's room. [He doesn't actually have a room yet. Ha!] I found a project on Pinterest and it caught my eye. Finally, today I got up some motivation and did the project with the girls. It's really easy, fun, and turned out great.

You need a blank canvas, painter's tape, paint, paint brushes (I used sponge brushes) and some type of letter cut-outs. I found my letters at Hobby Lobby, they feel like post-it notes. I glued the letters on lightly with some of the kids stick glue.

First, I glued the letters onto the canvas. I was nervous about glueing them on, but I needed them to stick through the painting. I did it pretty lightly, but enough for them to stick. Then I used the painter's tape to create the "chevron" design.

Then I let the girls go at it with painting. The colors were orange, grey, and turquoise-blue.  (They were only in smocks and underpants. Easy clean up. Also, it was a windy day, so we put rocks on the plates to keep them from blowing away.)

When the girls were finished, I immediately took off the letters and tape. I didn't want the letters to dry too much on there since I glued them down. They came off fairly easily. Then I let it dry. 

And ta-da! It's far from perfect. I didn't measure and do exact taping or anything. I but I love the handmade look to it. The girls were awfully proud of the painting too. 

Lincoln has some creative sisters, ready to welcome him into our family!


my season {of life} right now.

I was almost going to let March go on by without even saying hello on here. I was going to flip the calendar page and move on. Not because it has been a bad March. It's just been a tiring one. Between getting a new roof, getting a tree cut down, a septic pumped, carpets cleaned, car repairs, packing, moving, and of course, enjoy our unusually warm spring with trips to the beach, a waterfall, multiple parks, and the zoo, I sit down at night and have enough energy to just be. Oh, and there's my part-time job too aside from full-time growing a baby and parenting. [You guys, baby Lincoln will be here in no time. Eek!]

Creek exploring. 
 Getting ready to take a walk to our local Science Museum. 
 Outdoor painting. 
Trip to the zoo about two weeks ago (and me 31 weeks along). 

 One of my very favorite pictures of the girls. 
The hugging and kissing that takes place daily tugs at my heart strings.
 Waterfall exploring.
 Yeah, that happens. Hand holding at it's finest.
When everything is packed away for moving, you get out tubs for water play. 
And then you are the coolest mom ever. Just keeping it real. 
 Porch playing.
Beach going. It got up to 85 degrees last week. I still can't believe we were in swimsuits. I mean, they were in swimsuits. You won't find me in one. Ha!
Trip to the zoo today! 

It's a good tired, no doubt. But this is my season of life. I don't think the tiredness is going to change anytime soon. [Hello, newborn comes in t-6 weeks.]

I mentioned we moved, right? We officially sold our (second) home on Monday. It feels really good. Two years ago we bought this 1930's bungalow with plans to live in it and "flip-it" in two years--and we did just that! We packed almost everything away in storage and are now crashing at my dad's, in hopes that we will get the house we put an offer in (we should hear something sometime around the beginning of April). I'm thankful he has the space, but we are still really limited. And still adjusting. Poor sweet Audrey is having a difficult time with the change. Both physically and emotionally she has not been acting her normal self. I'm trying my best to be extra patient with her and show her grace.

I do hope to start blogging again. It's quite therapeutic for me. And as busy and tired as I am in this season of life, I want to remember the little moments.

**Thank you to those who mention you love reading this little space. It is encouraging!**