strike a pose. {small style}

I'm just going to say it, my attitude is totally affected by the weather. I wish I could be like oh, seasons are beautiful and good and... It snowed here yesterday, folks. Okay, I'm exaggerating a small bit, it flurried some and melted immediately, but still. It's almost April. And I want spring weather pronto.

So I'm going to blame the weather for the lack of blogging and taking pictures. [Like missing a What I Wore post yesterday.] Mmmkay. Moving on.

This is the only Small Style I captured this week...I asked Audrey to smile and instead she struck a pose.

Hat- Etsy (bought it for her first birthday, and it still fits)
Jacket- recently purchased from Baby Gap on sale
Shirt- H&M
Stripe Leggings- Baby Gap
Boots- Old Navy

You may want to take a peek over at Mama Loves Papa, because I think Morgan is having a pretty awesome giveaway! (wink, wink)


the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Audrey is a lot like me. In some ways I'm so excited to see her ways blossom and in other ways I'm like Oh my gosh, she is me. For real, this is going to be tough. [Related Note: Type A, Extrovert.]

Since the day she was born she has made her ways known to the world the way she wants things. She is picky about her sleep (me too), has an opinion about everything, but she also is so very polite and has a heart for others, wants to make sure they are okay, and just dotes on her sister. She loves to help me in the kitchen and carried a baby around since she was 10 months old, and gave it up when baby sister came into the world. She has a beautiful motherly instinct even at the age of 2.

And most recently I'm seeing her love for art and to create. One thing, I'm so excited that she gets from me. She will ask to paint/draw/color/stamp/cut/glue. Then she will sit and just be so focused on what she is making, for 45 minutes or so. Moving from one medium to the next. [Also, she stays incredibly clean most of the time. I have no idea how.]

This, I love.

And Naomi, she favors her daddy's personality. Laid back and so super smiley. She melts my heart. I love watching her personality unfold.

It's true, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. And thank goodness, we will take the hard with the the good. The real good.


on having a two year old.

I looked at Audrey the other day. Like, really looked at her and thought to myself I can't believe I'm a parent. I can't believe I'm a parent to a two year old and five month old. This is my life.

It's easy for me to think the grass is always greener. But I'm telling myself, my grass is green right now.

I like love where I'm at.

Even the times when I catch Audrey dumping cup load by cup load of water out of the bathtub and then she freezes when she sees that I caught her.

Or when she tries to blame her princess for making the mess on the floor.

Or how she will take a washcloth to wrap her little zebra toy up in it, because it's cold.

Or the best times when she shares her most prized possession with her little sister to make her feel better {her blankie}.

Or how she will chew on the same piece of food for 10 minutes because she.just.can't.swallow.it.

Or how she sighs at everything. [I wonder where she learned that from?]

Or how she will ask me to dance with her randomly throughout the day.

Or listening to her carry her two favorite tunes from The Little Mermaid and Snow White.

Or how she asked me where her brother was yesterday. [Have no idea what this was about. Ahem.]

And last night she put together an entire 24 piece puzzle all by herself in the living room while I was making dinner in the kitchen.

People, I have a two year old.

And I love it.


small style.

[I almost didn't get a chance to make this post. But alas, it's almost midnight and I'm getting it ready to post first thing in the morning. It's just too dag'on fun and cute not to do. Joining in over at Mama Loves Papa for Small Style.]

Remember how last week I was like "yeah, it's easy to capture a five month old, but not a two year old." This week was quite opposite, because every time I thought to take my baby's picture she was napping. Five months old sleep A LOT.

But when they aren't sleeping, they are pretty darn cute. [Wait, they are cute even when they are sleeping.]

Headband- Me, Rosemary's Cuppa
Embroidered shirt- Can't remember, it was Audrey's when she was a baby, Carter's brand
Leggings- H&M

Audrey's Small Style...
(Audrey gets a kick out of being silly.)
 Shirt- H&M
Skirt- Misha Lulu, The Mini Social (This skirt inspired me to make some out of vintage fabrics.)
Leggings-Old Navy
Boots- Gifted
(Diego made an appearance in her left hand.)

 (Folks, it got so warm here that we actually whipped out the water table to play in.)
Dress- Target
Leggings-Old Navy
Boots- Gifted
Shirt- Target
Socks- Baby Leggings
Shoes- Converse
(And Ariel made her appearance as well.)

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P.S. Some of you were asking about the red coat that Audrey had on in a previous post, it is from Gap and borrowed from a friend. :)


what i wore {mama's scarf}.

Is it really already Wednesday? Wowee. We have had some fabulous weather lately, which gets me all motivated to do lots of stuff, which makes each day fly by. Hello, spring, I love you.

Over the weekend I snuck away to catch up with some girlfriends at Olive Garden. I ate dinner at home and then proceded to eat stuffed mushrooms when I got there. And now that I mention it, I want more. They were that good.

This is what I wore...

Earrings- me, Rosemary's Cuppa
Scarf- used to be my mama's, so super special
Coat- thrifted, original from Target
Sweater Shirt- thrifted, vintage
Under Tank- Old Navy
Jeans- F21
Shoes- Nine West, TJ Maxx (My new heels that I am determined to wear a lot. Maybe even to the grocery store.)

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spring {it's here}.

Did you know today was the first day of spring? I didn't, until my pastor told us today at church. I got all giddy, Andrew looked at me and said that just gave you new found energy didn't it? Yes. Yes, it did.

I think one of my favorite times is right when seasons change. It's a time of renewal. To start fresh. Just what I need. {Although His mercies are new every morning.}

Our weekend was full of signs of spring. And full of signs of love.

Indoor Farmer's Market.
The "milk man" where we ordered fresh milk to be delivered to our house weekly (in glass jars.)
Being outside as much as possible.
Watching my handy-man hard at work cutting trim on our front porch.
Sewing and creating.
Girl time.

Tomorrow I plan on getting my spring decorations out and doing some spring cleaning. Are you just as excited about spring as me?


small style.

Do you know it is nearly impossible to get a good picture of a two year old where she is not moving or making a silly face or in some weird position? I now applaud all photographers that can capture a two year old.

That's all I'm saying.

Now onto small style, where I link up every Thursday with Morgan over at Mama Loves Papa.

A five month old, on the other hand, is quite easy to photograph. Especially a charmer like mine.

Small Style: Naomi

Flower Onsie- Zutano (I think this might just be my favorite thing of hers right now, I bought it new with tags at a second hand child's store and fell in love.)
Pink Long Sleeve Onsie- Ralph Lauren, second-hand
Creme Baby Leggings- Target
Shoes- Old Navy

Seal Onsie with Attached Tutu- Twirls and Twigs, HauteLook
Red Pants- H&M

Small Style: Audrey

Bird Dress- Target (I found it in the little girls section as a shirt- stole this idea from someone else.)
Jeans- Children's Place, gifted
Shoes- Converse
Bracelet- Etsy, She has worn it since she turned one, seriously never takes it off.

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{my first} what i wore.

I love when bloggers share about what they wore during the week. It's inspiring and fun. And for months now, I have been contemplating about doing it. Mainly I have been hesitant because a) half the time you will find me in p.j.s b) I like fashion, but in no means, do I think I'm an amazing dresser like some of those great fashionistas out there c) I tend to wear the same things over and over (because I love certain pieces), and d) I feel really awkward taking pictures of myself and posing.

But here I am. Going to test out the waters, and do I What I Wore post, linking up at The Pleated Poppy.

Hat- Vintage, borrowed from my sister
Jacket- Grass, TJ Maxx
Striped Yellow Shirt- thrifted
Under Tank- Old Navy
Jeans- F21
Shoes- F21
Ring- Vintage, my new favorite item!
Necklace- Gifted from Etsy, I wear this one A LOT- it has Naomi and Audrey's name on it

Well, that wasn't too bad after all. Go check out some more What I Wore posts at The Pleated Poppy.


oh, hey.

I just wrote an entire paragraph and erased it. Because I feel like it was just blah blah blah. Life. I'm trying to find a balance right now with things. Especially with my Etsy shop. Things have been going well with it (thank you to those who have made a purchase and supported it-yay!), but I didn't realize how consuming it can be. When ever the kiddos nap or go to bed, I'm usually in my room sewing, and thus not blogging or cleaning the [very messy] house.

I also have been totally distracted by my iphone, in the sense that I haven't picked up my real camera in like a week. Ahhhhhh. I love instragram (are you a part of it?  find me under Better Than Cupcakes) and capturing the little moments of the day. Like these.

Double Level Carousel
Daddy Daughter
Having family over to fill every chair
Me- rocking a vintage hat, going thrifting

[Tomorrow I think I'm going to do a What I Wore post (inspired by Morgan), that includes the outfit I wore with that vintage hat.]

Over the weekend we traveled a few hours away to visit my sister and brother-in-law. And I would have to say one of my favorite moments was pulling over on the interstate, whipping out the potty chair, and having Audrey go. On a 3.5 hour drive with not a gas station nearby, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Alright, folks, my Mrs. Meyers Clean Candles are lit, and I must go clean this dirty house of mine. I'm the kind of person that keeps things pretty tidy each day, but as far as cleaning, I wait till I can see the dirt. And well, it is loud and clear. The babies are napping and I'm putting on my pink gloves and apron. Tootaloo.


small style {and a giveaway}.

It's Thursday again, which means time to link up with Morgan over at Mama Loves Papa for Small Style.

Small style is making me realize how much I thrift and buy used. Which I'm totally okay with...

Small Style: Naomi

Sweater: Children's Place, second-hand kids store
Onsie-Carters, second-hand kids store
Skirt- Old Navy, second-hand kids store
Pants- Old Navy
Shoes- Gymboree, on major clearance
[When I bought that jean skirt, I thought it was so adorable. But since she wore it, I realize how impractical it is. She can't really bend in it and it keeps sliding up. So, looks like that skirt won't be making another appearance. I definitely want my babies to be comfy.]
Hat- Gifted
Green Onsie-Children's Place, second-hand kids store
Flower Top- Vertbaudet, second-hand kids store
Shoes- Bobux, given to me by a friend
Small Style: Audrey
Vest-Target, thrifted
Shirt- Target
Ruffle Pants- Twirls and Twigs, HauteLook (my personal invite)
Shoes- Old Navy
Small style is so much fun, you should join in or take a peek at the others who linked up!
One last thing, I'm giving away a $25 credit to my Etsy shop, Rosemary's Cuppa, over at Adventures in Babywearing with Steph. Remember, I sell more than just little girl items- there are some super cute vintage pieces for adults! Now, quick, go and enter the giveaway!


the silver lining.

I watched a clip this morning about parenting, what a lot of us (including me) needs to be reminded about. Some of my friend's are friends with a (wonderful) lady named Meagan Francis, who talked about her book, The Happiest Mom on Fox the other day. And my mind won't stop thinking about it. [Please go and watch the video.]

Motherhood is tough, no doubt. There are days I want to scream, toss in the rags and go home, except I can't, because it is a never ever ending job. BUT, oh, there are days that are so good. That go click, click, click.

And I think we can have more of these type of days, when we look at parenthood as happy times. Because they truly are.

I'm not here to raise my kids to be in every type of sport. Or to play the most maginificent instrument starting at age three. Or to feel like I have to craft every day with them or cook with them. My goal is not for my child to be an early reader or to get A's all through school. Or to even go to college. [These things are fine and good, but they are not my ultimate parenting goals.]

At the end of the day, I ask myself have my kids been loved? Like, really loved. Do they know sacrifice and giving? Do they have contentment {not with this world, but with Him}? What about forgiveness? I want to teach love, because He first loved us.

I love when Meagan says, Be the parent you are. Be who you want to be.

That's what I'm going to do. Keep parenting with my imperfect ways....but with lots and lots of love.


happy heart.

Happy Monday, friends! I spent a nice weekend just relaxing with my family, after my husband had a 96 hour work week (not even exaggerating, I wish I was). I also spent a lot of precious time looking up online swimsuits and sandals. Filling my cart and then emptying it. I have a (sad) tendency of doing this. [Have you ever checked out or ordered from 6pm? They seem to have a lot of great shoes on clearance for kids. I just haven't made a purchase from there yet.] I'm just craving warm weather so I pretended I needed to buy sandals and swimsuits.

I have also been eyeing some prints on etsy. I want a new print to hang above our mantel shelf.

I'm thinking one of these. (Click on the picture for source.)

Pretend online retail shopping is so fun. Do you have anything you have been eyeing lately?


five months.

Little chica is five months today. She is still such a doll baby. Very smiley and adores her sister. My favorite thing she does right now is gives kisses by opening her mouth really wide. She loves to talk. Can roll both directions, but mainly just likes to chill. She is close to sitting up on her own, and can even do it for a few seconds. She is a nurse-aholic, doesn't like a bottle at all. We tried cereal the other day and she got the concept pretty fast. It's funny, because with baby number one, I was big on doing the cereal thing and getting to the next "milestone." But with baby number two, it's so different, a go with the flow type of attitude. And I like it.

I love my little Naomi Fae. [She makes my uterus want more. Now.] Happy five months, darling.

Side note, we have accomplished one week of potty-training with Audrey. And she was pretty much a rockstar. She hasn't had one accident all week, even at night, except for, ahem, number two. She is still working on that, but I'm so very proud of her! She is a true princess now, or so she says.


small style.

I'm so excited that Morgan over at Mama Loves Papa started an every week link up with Small Style, where we get to share what our babies are sportin'. [Brilliant idea, yes?]

I decided I'm going to start small and just share one day of the week of what my kiddos wear. Sometimes I think about what I want to put on them and other days they may stay in pj's all day or just get a quick onsie on.

Here's Naomi's outfit (she is almost five months, gah.)

Sweater- thrifted
Bird Onsie- Old Navy
Pants- Lullaby Club, second hand child's store
Socks- Trumpette
Headband- Me

This outfit lasted a whole 1.5 hours before she had a major blow-out. Moral of the story, white clothes do not go well with babies. No matter how cute they look.

Here's Audrey's outfit (almost 2.5 years)

Sweater-hand-crocheted by my best friend's mom (How amazing is that?!)
Pink Undershirt-Old Navy
Jeggings- Target
Shoes- Old Navy
Headband- Me

You will notice I do a lot of Target and Old Navy. I'm normal and cheap, but then like to mix it up with a unique piece.

Every Thursday I will be linking up with Morgan for Small Style.