sister. friend.

While making dinner, I hear down the hall and in the living room complete and utter laughter coming from the girls. Then I hear We are playing together! Naomi is playing with me! She is chasing me! She likes it when I do this funny sound! At that point I didn't care if I was about to burn dinner, I wasn't going to miss seeing them play together

Sure enough, Naomi was cracking up at her sister. Crawling around as fast as she could to get her. And of course, Audrey loved it, chase is one of her favorite games right now. My heart was melting faster than dinner was burning. This is what I have been dreaming about and it is slowly starting to happen. The girls become each other's playmate. Protector. Helper. Friend.

Taken early today at the Children's Museum. My sweet little dinosaur sisters.

I know their relationship isn't going to always be perfect. [I have three sisters myself, I know how it can go.] I'm already telling Audrey over and over to be more gentle. Share. Watch out for her fingers. Etc. But, I'm sure of this--their relationship is going to teach them how to love more and forgive more, and for that I'm thankful.


this view.

This, this view of my little cutie patootie and her sweet, yummy thighs. Never, ever gets old.

This picture was taken the other day at our local science museum, WonderLab.
Which we walked to after the Farmer's Market. Another reason, I'm happy to call myself a townie.

Tonight, while giving Naomi a bath we played a game where she threw a toy over the edge of the tub and I would do some hilarious baby voice ut-oh, what did you do?! Then she kept doing it over and over and over and over. N thought it was the funniest thing ever. Which it was, until I put her on the changing table and she wanted to throw everything off of that. Ha! I sure do love this age!



Did you know I never moved anywhere growing up? Same house all of childhood. Then when college came, I experienced the dorm life for a short bit, moved back home to help my mom when she was ill, and then lived in an apartment with my best friend before I got married. All in the same town. And I'm still here.

To tell you the truth, we don't have plans to really ever move away. Yeah, there are warmer climates I would looooove to live in (especially during the winter months). And to have a lemon tree right outside my house? That would be delightful. But, for obvious reasons (family-hello, free babysitting) and not-so-obvious reasons, I'm happy and content with this town, I have and will (probably) always call home.

In fact, the house we are praying about buying is just minutes from where I grew up. Like, our kids will be going to the same elementary school I went to. Never in a million years did I think that would be my future when I was a teenager.  I was totally "I can't wait to get out and experience the world and move away." [Funny how you think you have to go searching for something and it's really right under your nose.]

Family Saturday Ritual: Farmer's Market- popcorn and music is a must. Oh, summer, please don't fade away too fast.

So, we are here, doing our thing, creating new and exciting experiences in this same ol'town of mine. Embracing it full-on. [Also? I would not be opposed to lots of family traveling in the future.]


{random} things to share.

I went to Walmart today for the first time in a very long time, it's not my first or second or even third, fourth, or fifth choice of stores, but it was convienant to get an oil change and do shopping at the same time. On that note, I totally caved and bought Oreo's that were in the middle aisle. Smart marketing placement.

I would match rather do art and crafts with my kiddos then play pretend. I'm not saying I don't play pretend, because, by golly I make a gosh darn good Ariel, horse, salamander, and Prince Charming. BUT, give me crayons, markers, paints, stamps, I'm your girl.

Painting an egg carton to turn it into a caterpillar, then we made a butterfly from coffee filters.

We have had three showings on our house in the last week! Which means, hello, spotless house. One couple has come twice and looked at it--eek! I'm trying not to think about it just praying and waiting.  Have I mentioned we found a house we love on 5 acres? Praying for that too. Also? I may or may not have thought about a good location for a  home birth in this possibly future home. Just saying.

I really need to pick up my real camera again. Hence, all the instagram pictures.

Naomi is getting a mouth full of teeth--she just cut three more, making her grand total of eight! Audrey only had four till she was about fifteen months old, so this is new to me.

Hi friends! (This is at my friend's house, cute suitcases, huh?)

We have been soaking in summer as much as possible before it ends. Trips to the zoo, lots of parks in the morning when it has been a wee bit cooler, and the splash pad.

Sister kisses.

I really do hope to get back into blogging again. It's such a good outlet for me. Plus, I looooove the connection with YOU guys. So tell me, what's new?


toesy-woesy covers.

I think my girls may only know toes as toesy-woesies. I especially love when Audrey repeats what I say to Naomi in her try-to-be-baby-voice like Naomi, where are your toesy-woesies? There they are! I really should get it on video.

Anyway, I have been obsessing over baby and toddler shoes lately, to cover those sweet toesy-woesies when fall comes.Too many cute ones. Everywhere. I want them all in my size too!

(Click on the picture for source.)
I ordered a pair of these Sanita clogs for Audrey via Zulily using some credit.
 They came in the mail on Friday and are absolutely adorable!

Yellow. Ruffles. Need I say more?

Pink Minnetonka's. Audrey would flip. And so would I.

Obviously, Naomi needs a pair of moccasins for the fall too. I'm thinking 1st birthday present, perhaps?

I was not compensated in anyway to share these lovelies, I just couldn't resist sharing the cuteness.



this morning, while i was driving to a nearby park, i had a moment of complete peace with an energy boost all at once. and yeah, it involved caffeine, but i won't let it take the credit like it can sometimes.  i was in our van, sipping coffee from one of my favorite mugs (hand-painted by me on a trip to a pottery shop years ago with some close girlfriends), the girls were chatting in the back with each other, worship music was on, and the beams, oh those sun beams were hitting us just right.

i needed that moment. it was like God saying, good morning to me right there. [His mercies are new every morning.]

then at the park. it was cool. sunny. and practically just us. (we went at nine. i think i'm going to do that more often.)

(these pictures were posted on facebook and instagram, but i couldn't resist sharing them again.
the first and last pictures are unedited. like i said, hello sunbeams.)

so, i want to know, what fuels you? 


making it pretty {staging a home}.

Two years ago, almost exactly, I was getting our previous house ready to sell. I put away all personal pictures, hung up some extra mirrors to reflect more light, and packed away "extra" stuff around the house. I didn't want it to look empty, but I also didn't want any clutter, I figured buyers wanted to be able to picture themselves in the house not see how cute my kids are (even though, I firmly believe they could help sell the place. Ha!) We ended up selling that house in less than two months and had 15 showings in a month and a half.

Here I am, doing it again, to our second home. Except this time I have two kids and a part-time job. Which makes things a whee bit more challenging, but we are doing it. Or at least attempting it [in a housing-market recession, no less].

We bought this house two years ago, knowing that in two years, we would put it on the market. It was like a long-term flip house for us. I absolutely love the style of this little 1930's bungalow we live in. It is charming, has a good yard (for being in the city), and about five-ten minutes to everything. If it wasn't an investment property, I could see ourselves here. But, we trust God has a different house for us. [In fact, we found one we love, so we are praying this one sells quickly so we can put an offer in on it.]

I thought it would be fun to share the pictures I have been taking, that the realtor will be using. I took down a lot of decor to simplify things, so this isn't exactly what my home looks like on a daily basis. [Especially this clean!] Keep in mind, this is two years into the making. It used to be dirty, gross, with practically no kitchen or bathroom. We have done so.so.so.very.much to this place.

And now, my very favorite room of the house-- the kitchen and dining area!

 So there it is, our sweet little home we are trying to sell. There has been a lot of love and hardwork poured into this place! Tomorrow I will share some outside pictures, as they saying goes, first impressions can make it or break it!


ten months.

We are in the middle of getting our house on the market, which means the last couple of days have consisted of painting, nailing, packing, staging, cleaning. You know, attempting to get your house in mint condition with two kiddos all around. But, I wanted to pop in to share that Naomi is now ten months.

Like, whoa.

And she is everywhere. Keeping me on my toes and trying to keep up with her older sister. She is also over baby food, only mini-meals for her now. When she sees food she starts smacking her lips, it is so sweet. She is still so mild-tempered and go with the flow, pretty opposite of her more demanding, let-it-be-known I'm in the room, sister. When we pick her up from the nursery at church we usually hear "she was an angel."

She really is our doll-baby, that is growing like crazy. At her nine month check-up she was off the charts for height (30.5 inches) and weighed in at 20.5 lbs- 75%. Oh, and her fifth tooth just popped through last week!

One of my favorite things about her- the rubber-band wrists. I heart baby-chub.


life lesson {you can do it}.

I tried to teach Audrey a life lesson today. That it's okay to be scared and still do things. How did I teach her, you ask? Oh, you may laugh a little or at least give a half-smirk. Ready for it?

I went off the diving board.

And this is when I had a realization that I am in fact, growing older and turning into a true parent. I was actually nervous to go off the diving board. [Don't you remember when your mom didn't want to jump on the trampoline and do flips with you or go tubing with you behind the boat? I was always like what mom, it's the best ever. You are strange to not want to do these awesome things.] Alright, I wasn't just jumping off, I was attempting to whip out a back-dive. And all I kept envisioning was me doing a back-flop.

But I looked at Audrey right before and told her it was okay if I was feeling a little scared, I know I can do it.

And I did. Totally did my back-dive with pointed toes and all. Let me mention, I haven't been off a diving board in over three years, since before I was pregnant with Audrey. So, it was kind of a [big] deal to me.

Now, really a back-dive isn't a big deal. But the real deal, is encouraging my babies when they are feeling a little scared and boosting their confidence with you can do it.  And what better way to teach then to do.

These, girls, I want them to know that they can do it. It doesn't matter what it is, big or small.

You go, girls.

Audrey typical play: shoe turns into a boat to save Cinderella and her horse.

Book-lover Naomi.