painting a canvas for baby brother.

For about two months now, I have been wanting to do a little art project with the girls that involved them creating something for Lincoln's room. [He doesn't actually have a room yet. Ha!] I found a project on Pinterest and it caught my eye. Finally, today I got up some motivation and did the project with the girls. It's really easy, fun, and turned out great.

You need a blank canvas, painter's tape, paint, paint brushes (I used sponge brushes) and some type of letter cut-outs. I found my letters at Hobby Lobby, they feel like post-it notes. I glued the letters on lightly with some of the kids stick glue.

First, I glued the letters onto the canvas. I was nervous about glueing them on, but I needed them to stick through the painting. I did it pretty lightly, but enough for them to stick. Then I used the painter's tape to create the "chevron" design.

Then I let the girls go at it with painting. The colors were orange, grey, and turquoise-blue.  (They were only in smocks and underpants. Easy clean up. Also, it was a windy day, so we put rocks on the plates to keep them from blowing away.)

When the girls were finished, I immediately took off the letters and tape. I didn't want the letters to dry too much on there since I glued them down. They came off fairly easily. Then I let it dry. 

And ta-da! It's far from perfect. I didn't measure and do exact taping or anything. I but I love the handmade look to it. The girls were awfully proud of the painting too. 

Lincoln has some creative sisters, ready to welcome him into our family!

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