I can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone and I haven't even wrote anything about it. Nor have I shared pictures of our progress on our house. I haven't put up any Christmas decorations, which I am anxiously waiting to do. I haven't uploaded any pictures with my awesome new camera.

Instead I have been...

*washing dishes in our tub. No, seriously. We have no working sink in the kitchen or bathroom yet.
*stealing very slow internet from our neighbor so I can at least inform you that I am still alive.
*unpacking boxes.
*creating a bunch of art for a show I was apart of yesterday. (It was a success!)
*bringing tons of laundry to my dad's house because we don't have a working washer or dryer.
*hosting family at our half-finished house.
*going out of town to visit family.
*sleeping with our 1 year old at the end of our bed (in a pack n play) because her room doesn't have curtains or a door.
*spray painting a vintage shelf I found for our bathroom.
*hanging curtain rods in hopes of one day having full privacy.
*oh, and taking care of a little girl who's favorite thing is to watch me shop vac and throw her shoes out of her basket.

So, there you have it folks. I am M.I.A. because my life is c.r.a.z.y.


I Can't Think of a Clever Title. But That's Okay Because the Picture is Cute Enough.

I get to spend every single day with this beauty.

Pinch me. I must be dreaming.

(The hat Audrey is wearing is one her birthday gifts from us. We bought it on Etsy. Her dress came from Target recently for $3.44. Don't mind me while a brag for a moment. Ahem.)


I Can't Believe I Did It. I Can't Believe I Did It.

I keep telling myself that. I can't believe I did it. For 13 months it has been weighing on my heart. Hurting.

Going back to work. January is coming way too fast. Which means going back to teach kindergarten. Which means I won't see Audrey for at least 8 hours of the day. 8 hours of playing baby. 8 hours of running errands to the grocery store together. 8 hours of watching her giggle with excitement when we go and see the barn animals at my dad's house. 8 hours of waiting for her to wake from her nap so I can snuggle and steal kisses from her. 8 hours of sharing lunch together. 8 hours of block building. 8 hours of long walks.

Too much happens in 8 hours.

Too much I don't want to miss.

So I did it. With my husband 110% on board. I have officially resigned today. I am not going back in January and I can't believe it. I told my principal today. She was 110% supportive too. Praise God. I will miss my amazing school. The amazing faculty. My amazing kindergarten team.

But. But there is too much to miss in 8 hours from my sweet little girl.

And if I don't have to, I am not going to miss it. Any of it. And by don't have to, I mean, living by faith, spending less, and living more simply.

And it feels good.

This is for me. It what makes sense for me. For others it may not make sense. That's the beauty of being a mom. You (along with your family) get to make your own decisions. I respect working moms, stay-at-home-moms, work-from-home-moms, ALL moms. Because let's face it- no matter what we do as moms, it's a tough job, but completely worth it in the end.
I can't believe I did it.


Go Colts.

Straight-shooter vs. Rule Bender.

I think we all know who should win.

Go Colts.
(Audrey checking out the donkeys at my dad's house. Clearly she thought that position was the best way to view them.)
(Sporting her Colts jersey even at church in the morning.)


I Didn't Know I Married a Plumber.

I knew I picked a good one. But I didn't know how good he really was until recently.

I knew he was a handy man. I knew he could put things together. I knew he could even do some electical. I knew he was good with cars.

But I didn't know he was a plumber.

We have been making a lot of progress on the house. But each time we finish one thing we realize we should do another before moving on. Take our bathroom for example. The plan was pretty simple to begin with, but now we have gone as far as completely gutting it and even changing the location of the toilet. Which this led to all new plumbing in the entire house.

And now I know my husband is also a plumber.

I would share pictures. But that requires me to use my computer. And on my computer I can only see about 1/4 of the screen due to a GIANT black spot on it from my husband dropping it a couple of weeks ago. Too bad my husband wasn't also a computer-fixer. Oh well, I guess I will settle for all other amazing things he is good at.

Later this week I promise to share picture updates of the home. I will sacrfice the annoyance of getting on a janky computer so you can see all the lovely-ness going on. Because you know you are dying to see pictures of plumbing.


Feeling Artsy.

I go through these kicks. I get inspired and then just have to create. With Christmas around the corner [I am not trying to dismiss Thanksgiving, but I LOVE Christmas.] I am feeling all jolly and ohmygosh, I totally whipped out the Christmas music. I used to be one of those people. The kind that get annoyed when Christmas music is played before Thanksgiving, but now, I am joining in on the fun. You should try it too if you don't already.

Oops. Tangent about Christmas music. What was I saying? Oh yeah, I have been feeling inspired by Christmas and just started creating things the last two days. [And by the last two days, I mean, the last two nights after 8pm when Audrey goes to bed. As if I have nothing else on my hands, ahem, like fixing an entire house up to live in.]

Wanna see the creations? Huh? Huh? Do you? Okay. Here you go, because I love [my mass readership all five of my readers] you...

Fun headbands made from vintage fabrics.
Christmas wall art. [The pictures don't really do the pieces justice, they look way better in person.]
You know what is so cool about these pieces? Or at least I think is cool.The wood came from our new-old bungalow. It's the original wood from our old windows that have been replaced.

Next up on the agenda: Using old glass windows for something really cool. Have an idea for me- I would love for you to share!

By the way, I am going to be selling all my pieces at an art show coming up after Thanksgiving- more details to come soon.


[Have no idea why I just wrote toot-a-loo. It must be all my jolliness I am feeling right now.]


Anxiously Waiting.

I heard donkeys at 6:00 this morning. And yesterday morning. And the day before that. Right outside our bedroom. Loud and clear. So loud that I get startled in the middle of the night and wake up and think we may be getting invaded by aliens. Then I remember. We aren't home. It's not our bedroom,but the bedroom we are staying in at my dad's house. That's right folks, we have mooooved. Sort of. Last Friday we closed on the sale of the house. It is such a relief to be done with that. As much as we will miss our first home, it feels good to move on. But now we are waiting till our new-old cute bungalow is ready to move in. We are SO close. All of our stuff is there. But we aren't. I'm trying to be patient. And grateful that we have a place to live right now. Despite the loud, obnoxious donkeys, staying at my dad's house hasn't been too bad. It isn't a far drive to our new home. I have a babysitter on hand pretty much all the time (aka my 13 year old sister). We have our own room and so does Audrey. Plus, it's nice for Audrey to spend lots of time with her Gramps. But I am definitely ready to have a home again.

I can't wait to put up pictures down the hallway. To smell the aroma of fresh coffee in the morning in my 1950's inspired kitchen. To give Audrey a bath in the new tub. To lay in bed with my husband and look up at our new ceiling fan.

I want to make it a home. A my-door-is-open-all-the-time type of home. A don't-worry-about-taking-off-your shoes type of home. A help-your-self-to-the-fridge type of home. A there-is-always-tea-in-the-kettle type of home. God blessed us with a home and I want to use it for His glory. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. What kind of home do I want to live in? How do I want others to view my home? It may not be a very big home and there may be messes around, but I want you to feel welcomed anytime.

Really. Come on over. Whenever you want. Our door is always open. [Well, not quite yet, but soon!]