a little fresh air.

It reached a whopping 35 degrees today, which called for some fresh air. It was sunny and the birds were chirping, so we ventured outside for seven whole minutes.
While outside I was reminded about how much yard work we have to do. According to the pictures you would think it was fall because of, ahem, all the leaves you still see on the ground. I assure you it is February, we just never finished raking our entire yard, since we were busy working on trying to make our house somewhat livable last fall. We have ZERO landscape and lots of brush to get rid of. But I am actually excited for the day to come when I can be outside in a tshirt working while Audrey plays in her house that was built just for her.

By the way, I am feeling much better thanks to the medicine, Zofran. Wednesday was the first day in weeks that I didn't get sick. I actually have cooked dinner for the last two nights as well. Grant it, I didn't make it through the day yesterday without a sickness encounter in the evening, but I am doing better. I can at least function, which says a lot for me. I am just thankful that Audrey has a mom back and Andrew doesn't have to continue to be Mr. Mom. I'm not my total normal-self, but it works, for sure.

And the fresh air was good for me today.


Monday Rambles (sort of).

I made it through another week, but barely. It was a rough one. Which is exactly why my blogging has been m.i.a. My husband keeps asking why haven't you posted? And I tell him who wants to read about me throwing up constantly? [By the way, I really do hate complaining about getting sick. Because I know I am blessed. Blessed to be pregnant. Blessed to be able to be in pj's all day if I want.  It's just, tough, you know.]
  • Last week we were stuck inside for two days straight. We managed to get through the day by making french toast and bringing snow inside to play. Audrey LOVES to be in the kitchen helping. It's super sweet.
  • Once it finally did get better outside we made our weekly trips to the library, the Wonderlab- our local science museum, and the Bannaker Center- a free play center. I left my mark at Wonderlab in the parking lot. With Audrey in the background yelling "mo, mo, mo," wanting more snack from her carseat, I sat with my head out the door of the car as bystanders strolled by. It was not a lovely sight, let me tell you.
  • I have the best husband in the world, have I mentioned that before? He has been Mr. Mom and Mr. Dad this past weekend. While I visited the toilet 8 times in 2 days, Andrew cleaned the kitchen, did the laundry, went grocery shopping, and still managed to make sure both Audrey and I were taken care of. I can't wait till I am back to my normal self. I actually miss doing my job, you know cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the family.
  • I still hate meat. I should have listened to myself last night when my dad made pork chops for us and I ate the whole thing. I clearly wasn't thinking and my body let me know that. Ugh.
  • I am getting ready to go the doctor to hear the heartbeat for the first time. Yay! I am starting to get giddy about it. There is a real human being growing inside me.


pregnancy and food.

I know a post about my eating habits is quite lame. But a post that includes a picture of a little girl giggling is definitely not.

So in attempt to not be too lame, I give you this.

Mmmkay, back to my strange eating habits.

The sickness has started for me, like toilet meet my face sickness. This time it started at 6 weeks, with Audrey it began at 7 weeks. Lucky me, right? I have also noticed how much my food cravings have changed this pregnancy. Last time it was mainly I didn't like meat (which I don't with this pregnancy either) and the weirdest craving I had was apples with salt (at midnight), which I don't think is that strange. But now I eat strawberries and blueberries for dinner. Get sick. And then eat a baked potato at 10:30 at night. Or carrots for lunch and butterscotch pudding. I'll fix Audrey a nice lunch of soup, apple sauce and cottage cheese, and then pop pizza rolls in the oven for me. [Which are horribly bad for you, I know this.] I will eat a delicious pear salad for dinner and then eat more salad as my dessert. And if you know me, you know I love sweets and dessert. So why is this baby choosing more salad instead?! And my poor husband, I can't stand to cook right now, which I usually don't mind. But the smell gets to me. Last night my little sister made pancakes for him, which he brought home in a bag and ate straightfromthebag, because he has a wife that eats blueberries for dinner instead of making a nice home-cooked meal. [Tell me I am not alone, please. Or at least lie to make me feel better. Fine. Don't lie. That's not good either.]

The good news about all this crazy food stuff? I don't mind because it's all for the baby. It's my way of my body telling me I am growing a little human inside of me. And I kind of like love that.


Monday Rambles.

I think I am starting a Monday Rambles thing. It just seems to work right now and gets me writing when I just feel like sleeping.

  • Audrey refuses to let anyone help feed her. She must have a spoon, which she calls a "boon."
  • Somehow she discovered Mickey Mouse and now loves to watch Mickey Mouse Playhouse. I'm not a huge tv fan, but the jingle is a little catchy, I must admit. And I'm feeling a bit guilty because I let her watch it because I can hardly keep my eyes open.
  • I feel like sleeping ALLTHETIME. And I am on the verge of getting sick a lot, but still feeling okay, I guess got sick today for the first time. (I wrote this earlier, and by the time I was ready to publish it, I got sick.)
  • I wish I could find a part-time job doing something. You know, something in the evenings or on Saturday. I have even considered Starbucks or something. I think my nervousness of affording another baby is coming out.
  • I don't like meat right now. And probably won't for the next 7.5 months. Although bacon sounds amazing right now.
  • I asked my husband to make breakfast for dinner. I NEVER ask him to cook. He never cooks (his mad skills come in the form of handy-man). But I can barely move right now, so I asked and he was gracious enough to do it. And now, I get my bacon. Oh, and he just unloaded the dishwasher for me. Whoa.
  • I feel like I'm complaining about being tired and sick. But I'm not. Sort of. I mean I am so thankful to be pregnant. I don't want to take it for granted. Visiting the toilet daily and never feeling awake is worth it for this little human growing inside me.
That's it, folks.


big sister.

I asked Audrey if she wanted to be a big sister. She got all excited and started jumping for joy and screaming yes. Like this.

Okay, fine. She didn't really do that. She was just happy from waking up from her nap. That's all. But if she did get it, I know she would be so excited to become a big sister. And I can't wait to see her take on that role.



I asked you to Take a Guess. And I told you I would tell you in a week.

I lied.

I can't wait a week. Are you kidding me? A whole week? Right now each day feels like a week.

So what was in that little bag?

Jessica over at Momma's Gone City guessed it right, she DM on Twitter. Well, she didn't actually guess a pee stick. I mean, who would? But she did guess that I was pregnant!

I don't think anyone in the world would want to receive a pee stick as a gift except for a husband from his wife. Because let's face it, it's kind of gross. But hey, as a mom I would flash that thing around like it's a diamond on my finger. Because I'M PREGNANT. [side story: when I found out I was pregnant with Audrey I brought the stick to church the next day in my purse. And was all like look inside my purse to my friends. Looking back and now actually writing about it, it sounds really weird, but something I would totally do again. And here is where you share how bizarre you are, so I don't feel like a loner, mmkay?]

So here I am. Pregnant with number two. Which completely explains my exhaustion. I'm really early on, but I just can't wait to share. It's super exciting news. I am always amazed at those who can keep it a little secret for weeks and weeks. Let me just say, one of the main reasons I share so early is to ask for prayer. Prayer for the little one growing inside of me, and just prayer for me. So if you find a second while your driving or brushing your teeth and want to throw up a prayer for us, we would really appreciate it.

And now I'm going to sleep, because it's my new favorite thing next to a pineapple shake.