still going strong.

I honestly didn't think I would make it to this week. I'm 39 weeks today. I only made it to 37 weeks and 5 days with Audrey. But it's just a good reminder that all of this, it's all in His perfect timing. Lately I have been thinking about how crazy it is that doctors can't predict when you will go into labor. I mean, people can have heart transplants and new skin reconstructed and attached, but the actual day that labor begins is still uncertain. But He knows. For me, that is I all really need.

And as much as I'm ready to not have this gigantic (beautiful, yes, I think all pregnant bellies are beautiful) belly, I'm so very thankful that I have made it this far. It just means she is growing healthier and healthier everyday.

Not to mention, it has given me some extra love time with Audrey. This morning Audrey and I got another date in together. I'm soaking in these last days of just me and her. With my friend and her two daughters, we took a trip to an apple orchard and then hit up a pizza and play place. It was a good time, despite the first ten minutes at the pizza place where Audrey fell off her chair and then manages to throw up two minutes later by gagging herself with her fingers. Parenting at it's finest, I tell you.

Now the afternoon is spent resting. Candles lit. My new fall dried flower arrangement on the table, and homemade peanut butter (not by me, but from the orchard) ready to be snacked on.

While we wait. Wait with so much love and anticipation.


baby babywearing.

If this isn't enough convincing that babywearing is such a good thing, then I don't know what is.

Audrey: Baby likes it, Mama. (As she pats her baby in the sling.)

Me: Yes, babies love to be close to their mamas.

Audrey babywearing her own baby at the Farmer's Market on Saturday. By her request. *LOVE*


{almost} family of four.

On Wednesday I finally got enough motivation to go and get some maternity shots done. It had nothing to do with the fact that Audrey's maternity pictures stare me in the face every time I walk into the living room, and I felt like I had to get them done for Naomi's sake, ahem.

So I grabbed my talented friend, Steph, and we went to get some pictures outside on a bridge. (And even though it was 95 degrees out, we pretended it was really fall weather like it should be and wore jeans.) She took the pictures and I did the editing.

Here are some of my favorites:

I'm really happy we ended up doing it. Soon, that belly will no longer be there and we will be a family of four. I can't wait.


my {dollhouse} memories.

I remember like it was yesterday. I got a dollhouse kit for Christmas when I was about seven or eight. My dad and I spent hours putting that thing together. Gluing each shingle to the roof. Gluing trim around the windows. But the best part to me was when it was finally a house and I was able to decorate it. [Have I ever mentioned when growing up I wanted to be an interior designer. Okay, fine, I still do in a far off dream.] I used the scraps from the same wallpaper, carpet pieces, and laminate floor that were in my real home. I even sewed tiny pillows for the beds and made furniture for it in ceramics class [Have I ever mentioned I was the artsy type growing up, and not musically, but my mom put me in classes like painting and ceramics when I was really little.]

I still have that house and all the loveliness that goes with it. And even though Audrey isn't quite two yet, she seems to be following in my footsteps and loves to play with it. 

My heart smiles so big when I watch her pick up the same dolls I used and set them at the same table I had them eat at. And one day she will be able to paint and decorate that house just the way she wants, with her daddy.


thirty-eight and a day.

I'm so close. I can feel it. Yet, as hard as I try to grasp what is about to happen, I can't seem to get a good grip on it. All I know, is it is going to happen--and (hopefully) probably sooner than later.

(If you don't want to read about my doctor details skip the next paragraph, mmmkay?)

I went to the doctor this morning for my 38 week check up. Everything is looking and sounding great. Last week I checked in at 2cm and now I'm 3.5cm. Do you know how awesome it is to know my body is doing this so naturally? I'm very thankful.

As the day draws closer to Naomi becoming apart of our family, we are talking more and more about it with Audrey. So much that the other day we were at the mall and that annoying store where you can't walk by without your toddler automatically darting over to it because it's like one gigantic magnet for kids at Build-a-Bear Audrey picked up Hello Kitty and said mama, I'm nursing Hello Kitty. Then the lady who worked there proceeded to give me a really weird look. It was sort of awesome, I thought.
On a random note, Naomi's nursery was featured on Unique Baby Gear Ideas website. It totally made my week and you could totally make my week too, if you go, check it out, and comment. Purty-please. If I get a lot of rad comments I have a chance to win a prize. And even if I don't win, I can promise you that every comment makes me smile.


you are my sunshine.

A couple of weeks ago I bought this print from Bright Side Photos on Etsy. The owner was really awesome to work with. I wanted a custom size and and it shipped fast, double bonus. [I'm always giddy when I received something in the mail, I wait for it everyday like a child excited to ride a roller coaster even though it can take a two hour wait for a thirty second ride. It's so worth it.]

I bought the print to hang above our bed and to use in an old window we took out of our little bungalow we are remodeling. I took the print and window to Michael's Craft Store to get a matte made for it.

And now it hangs above our bed.

One of our favorite games to play together is Scrabble, so I just loved this print when I found it.

It is such a sweet reminder, that yes, we are each other's sunshine.

**I didn't get asked to write about my purchase and I'm not compensated for it. I just really like it and wanted to share. You should check out her store, because she has some pretty cool stuff.**


checking in.

Checking in, folks. [And no, not to the hospital.] I thought I would pop in and say hello so that you know I'm not in labor. Although I thought last night it was going to happen while I was grocery shopping at 9pm. [All the cool cats are doing it on a Friday night.] I had to stop in the middle of the ice cream aisle next to two college-age boys (which I'm pretty sure I scared a little) and take some breathers. The contractions have been coming in the evening, enough to make me think just maybe and then they go away.

Today I kept busy with having a garage sale (purge, purge, purge) in the morning. Taking my little sister and sister-in-law homecoming dress shopping in the afternoon. Which made me feel really old, because ohmygosh teenagers and the dresses nowadays. On that note, Audrey and Naomi are not allowed to grow up. And I finished up my evening with a girl's night out at Olive Garden where I asked for more olives over and over and over again.

Now I'm home, resting. And thinking about how blessed I am. And how my little baby will be TWO in exactly one month.

Gah, I love her.


come on in. {naomi's nursery}

Almost exactly a year ago we were in this room ripping down a drop-ceiling, scraping old plaster off the ceiling, putting up drywall all around the border of the room because there wasn' t any (seriously, the drop-ceiling was hiding the missing drywall), installing a new ceiling, new electrical, new windows, new carpet, new door and painting.

This is what we started with:

At the time, we didn't know this room was going to be "Naomi's nursery" but I did paint it a light mint green with hopes that one day a little baby would be using it. And a year later, we will be welcoming her very soon.

Come on in to Naomi's nursery.

(Notice- we still need trim up-ha. I also plan on expanding the wall of picture frames, as I continue to collect them. And that recliner, kind of an eye sore, but I went for comfy and practical after buying a trendy cute chair when pregnant with Audrey that ended up not being comfortable at all. I will conquer all those late nights with the help from that ugly Lazyboy found on Craigslist.)

(I made those pom-poms for a baby shower and now using them above the crib.)

(One of my best buys when pregnant with Audrey- $25 changing table that was originally $225. I think buying a dresser is a practical way to go, but I couldn't pass up such a deal. And now I'm getting more use out of it. The pictures above the table were all gifts- the blue and white plate on top was Andrew's when he was little, it has his name and year he was born on it.)

(Vintage picture frame with a preggo picture of me came from my MIL and the teacup was also a gift.)

(The vintage dress was a gift, I sewed the burp clothes, and the other items came from garage sales. The mason jar is actually filled with vintage pink Christmas ornaments.)

(That picture? It's my mama and me when I was little. I smile every time I see it. The basket is filled with headbands, and the vintage train art came from a garage sale.)

I'm really happy with how her nursery turned out. It isn't anything crazy or super nice, but so much of the room was created with really memorable items that have meaning to me. I'm so not a theme girl or matchy-match. I didn't even go with a color scheme really. I just did what felt right and took on the vintage style approach (no surprise, that's how I roll). I think I spent a total of about $65 dollars this time around. I tried to use a lot of what I already had (crib, changing table, Lazyboy recliner, vintage child's desk (which was Andrew's when he was little), white shelves, curtains that I made years ago when I was pregnant with Audrey, and I already had the bedding too). The only thing I really splurged on was the wallpaper behind the crib, which was about $40. The Shabby Chic chandelier came from Goodwill for $10 (that my sister-in-law found for me), and then a couple of other vintage items from garage sales. Everything else was gifted to me.

Of course, I love decorating, so making a nursery for my little girl was just part of the experience and preparation for me. But, in no way, is a nursery necessary. The most important part is welcoming your little one with love. And I just can't wait to do that.
Wanna see the other parts of our house I have revealed so far? Check out the front porch here and the living room here.


full term, baby.

Let's recap, shall we?

Here I am when I just found out I was pregnant.

20 weeks later.

And now.

Butta-boom, butta-bang. Full term, baby. Even though my due date isn't for another three weeks, when you get to this point in the pregnancy, it's like, okay, baby, you may come out. Of course, I want what is best for Miss Naomi and have her come out when she is ready. But that's not to say, I may be sayin' a little prayer, that she comes oh, let's say September 16. [Don't burst my bubble, I know that is in two days.] September 16 is my mom's birthday and I just think that would be really, really cool.

So, I'm feeling pretty good right now. The hard part is not expecting her to go early like Audrey did. If I went into labor the same time I did with Audrey it would be in just five days. Hey, I do finally have my hospital bags packed and her room is ready. (I'm hoping to share pictures this week of the nursery.)

 I'm ready. I think.


a moment in time.

I was busy finishing up dishes and packing lunch to bring to the husband at work. Audrey comes into the kitchen with her baby in tow (as always).

Hi Mama. (Seriously this phrase does not get old, I love it when she tells me hi in her little voice.)

Hi Darlin'. (I bend down to give her a hug and she proceeds to place her baby on my lap.)

Baby sit on you, Mama.

I smile and start to play This Little Piggy with the baby's toes. Audrey laughs and tries to say the words with me.

My turn. Shoes off. Piggy on my toes.

I was in the middle of trying to get multiple things done. We were getting ready to walk out the door to visit daddy at work. But she wanted her shoes off and to play This Little Piggy. And so we did. We sat on the kitchen floor for a good ten minutes and played.

It was so worth it.


getting there.

I can now say I'm less than a month away from my due date which may cause for a preggo dance, watch out. Sleeping is pretty much out the door. And if you saw me yesterday, you would have laughed (I surely did at myself), because just going up and down our basement steps four times carrying small loads of books, I had to take a break and was breathing heavily. The good news? I don't have k-ankles. This may not sound like much of a celebration, but at this point in my pregnancy with Audrey I was swollen like a water balloon on the verge of bursting. I had to wear support hose and have a cane. Okay, fine, I didn't have a cane, but I definitely wore those funny hose things to help with circulation. This time around, I can still see my bones in my ankles, and overall feeling pretty good.

Our bags are half-packed for the hospital. Naomi's room is still filled with tools and other random things. I have a dozen of things still left on the "to-do-before-baby-comes" list. But I just keeping thinking to myself, it's okay, the things that need to be done will and the rest won't matter because you are going to have a precious newborn soon.

Then my brain thinks about Audrey and how she is going to react. I think that's what I'm most nervous about. I mean, Audrey LOVES babies. She always has one with her. She talks to them with a sweet voice, pats their backs, shares food, asks them if they are okay when they fall, and sings songs to them. And lately she has been into wearing her babies and nursing. [Two things I have been talking to her a lot about with Naomi coming.] Which is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Okay, yup, she is going to be an awesome big sister. The only thing I might be slightly worried about is the fact that she likes all of her babies naked. Sorry, Audrey, but your little sister is going to have to wear clothes.

[Little sister will be here before we know it. Tuesday, I'm considered full-term. Whoa.]


come on in. {our living room}

I'm finally doing another home remodeling post. Slowly but surely, I plan on sharing with you our progress.

Here is a little background info on our place: In August 2009 we purchased a 1150 square feet fixer-upper for uh, dirt cheap. Really, cheap. We knew we had to put a lot of work into it. But my husband is a handy-man and I love to decorate and design and stuff, so we knew we could do it. For the past year we have spent crazy hours fixing it up, and the project list still isn't done. But, we have come along way- it's actually very livable, which it wasn't at the time of purchase. The majority of the work we have done ourselves, with hiring out only a few things here and there.

And even though our home isn't big, I truly love it. It was built in the 1930's and has such charm and character. We plan on living here only for a short while (bought it as an investment), but right now, I'm really happy with where we are at.

Okay, on to the good stuff. Pictures.

I already shared with your our front porch make-over here. Time for the living room.

Here are some before shots:

Don't be deceived by this picture. It makes it look not too bad. The flooring appears to be nice, right? That is what we thought- ooooh, we could just sand it down and refinish the original floors. But once we realized all the spots that needed replaced, the crazy air that came up from the floor in the winter, and how unlevel the floor was, we decided that in the end we would have to cover it up. [Don't hate me for covering original wood floors, trust me, we wanted to save them.]

This is what it looked like after I primed the walls and trim.

 Getting closer. Painted it a hotel vintage blue. But that door had to go. Ewwww. Along with the windows.

So, once we cleaned the walls, primed, painted, fixed parts of the ceiling, had new electrical installed (thanks to my dad), installed new windows and front door (hired this out), installed new flooring ourselves (which this just happened over the weekend), this is what our living room now looks like.

Uh, ignore those empty frames. I plan on hanging fall plates in them, eventually. Oh, and that's a string to a balloon hanging down to the left, that's Audrey's decorating touch.

So there it is folks, our living room. Is it exactly how I want it? Of course, not. I'm always changing things around and it is never a finished decorated room. But, when I sit in that room, it makes me happy. Most everything in there was purchased from a second-hand store, garage sale, or was on major clearance. I want a home that is inviting and relaxing. Not cluttered, but filled with things my family loves.

[I really appreciate lovely comments on my blog. I don't get a lot of them (and that is totally okay with me), but each one makes me smile. So thank you. And if you have any happy words to share or even questions for me about remodeling or home stuff, please feel free to leave a note. You make my day, friends.]


peachy keen.

Just checking in to say hello and I hope you all are having a beautiful Labor Day weekend. Our weather is about as good as it gets right now. [I even wore a light scarf to church this morning. You know, because I have been wanting to whip these out now that it is fall to me.]

One of my favorite moments from the weekend so far was at the Farmer's Market when we were given a peach to eat from two sweet Amish girls no older than 10. I was going to buy it, but they insisted on us having it. I plan on paying it forward to someone else. Even though it was just a peach, it made my morning, and I think I will keep those Amish girls close to my heart as a reminder to myself.

A Farmer's Market morning.


waddle waddle.

The hormones are raging. I'm 35 weeks along (or I like to look at it as 35.5 weeks because every.single.day counts) and one minute I may be happy as a clam and the next, well, I might need a tissue. [Hey, at least I admit to it, right?] I'm not sleeping well, even though I try to get a lot of sleep, it just doesn't work when I have an escape artist in my belly trying to get out in the middle of the night, and I have to pee, and I have a rash that itches like crazy. Folks, I am one of the lucky few (.8 percent of pregnant women get it) that developed PUPPS during this last week. It is basically a really irritating rash that only pregnant women get, it is on my belly and makes my arms and legs itch too. BAD. The good news is it doesn't harm the baby or me. Just makes me go crazy. That's all.

Today I am having one of those days. I have been short on patience with Audrey and if I see one more ant in our kitchen I am going to scream and catch it on fire. Or not, but so very tempted to. The pile of papers laying next to our desk is about to go into the trash, no matter how important they are. The laundry in the dryer may just sit there for a couple of more days as I pretend it is already folded and put away.

And right when I am about to lose it, a beautiful breeze comes in thru my windows and it sends the aroma of my fall candle right to me. And I feel better. Then I look at my kitchen and ignore the ants and think about how blessed I am to have lots of counterspace and food to eat (both of which the ants love). I look over to the pile of papers that need sorted and think about how thankful I am to have money to pay my bills. And then I think about the laundry in the dryer and think how fast Audrey is growing and how Naomi will one day wear her clothes. And when my patience runs dry with Audrey she will say or do the cutest thing and I just melt for her love.

Now I just need to take down my hallway mirror so I can stop watching myself waddle. And then I will feel much better.

[Aren't pregnancy hormones, great?]


september first {is here}.

To celebrate the first of September, which in my head, means fall, even though it doesn't really, but to me it does, I put out my first fall-like decorations. [I know I totally don't make sense. Just keep reading. I like to be all confusing like that.]

On Monday we went to Menards (I'm really a Lowe's gal) and I was sucked into the autumn decorations. Actually, I was forced to go over there because Audrey wanted to turn on the evil witch thing and make the scarecrow kick it's legs. I was telling Audrey how lame all of those decorations were and we needed to go to buy mums and pretty fall stuff someplace else. And she agreed. Okay, maybe she didn't. Nor did she really get what I was trying to tell her. She just wanted to hear the funny noise over and over again. Then I spotted it. A fall candle. After my nose became raw from smelling every $5 candle Menards had to offer, I picked one and put it in the cart with every expectation that when I actuallly went home to light it, it would smell like dirt. Because it was from Menards and it was only $5. But, friends, to my surprise, the candle rocks. And I'm lighting it every second I can.

Here's my fall wreath I made, hanging on our front door. Sort of like this one I made for my sister-in-law.

Next to our door, I made a welcome sign out of an old window that used to be on our house, burlap cloth, and paint. It states "welcome" and I truly do mean that. Come on over, friends.

And to add a touch of yellow to our kitchen, I bought a bouquet of sunflowers that make me really happy every time I see them.

I'm holding off on putting out my white pumpkins and buying mums. But probably not too much longer, I just can't stand it. And watch out, you may see me sporting a light scarf!