Monkey Business.

I heard the giggles at 7:15am. I did not want to get up. I was warm and cozy in my bed. Husband can tend to her. I am staying in bed as long as I can.

Not even two minutes later and there she was. All smiles. Waving at her momma with her daddy holding her. I couldn't press snooze. She doesn't come with a snooze button (they don't tell you these things when you get pregnant). But you know what, the minute I saw her, saw that smile, I was happy to be up. [Of course, that was after the "honey, did you happen to make coffee yet?" Which clearly meant- I need coffee. Now. Please. Thank you.]

It was a peaceful morning. I had my cinnamon flavored coffee. Sitting on the couch, feeling the crisp, fresh air from the cool night. Just staring at her. I couldn't stop staring. She makes my heart melt, especially in her new sock monkey flannel pajamas that I picked up at Once Upon a Child, a second hand kids clothing store. She just wanted to play and explore in those morning hours. Her sweet squishy legs crawled up to me and she held out her hand, waiting for me to grab hold. She wanted to take me on an adventure. We walked around the house. I barely could keep up with her legs wanting to run and take off, but not quite sure how to do it yet. So I stayed close by. Taking in those moments when she wants me near. She needs me to hold her hand. Because I know it won't be much longer before she is off. Walking, running, sprinting away from me. She is this close to walking. She takes a few steps here and there. But I am holding on tight to the fact that she needs me now.

I am right here for you, my sweet Audrey Rose. I will always be right here for you.



When I tell some people I blog, they give me that look. Like, why in the world would you write about your life story for everyone to see?

Because I enjoy it. Simple enough.

But also because I love the blog world. It is a whole community of awesomeness. Especially when you get connected with people that are holding strong when they have been through so much. One in particular, Ryan. He is only six months, but has done more in a life time than I could ever imagine. Please, go check out his story.

And pray for him today as he goes through a really long surgery. Pray for his family too, his mom and dad. As a parent, it is incredibly hard to watch your baby go through any type of pain. When Audrey was only 5 days old she had a heart procedure done to open her pulmonary valve up. It was absolutely devastating to us. To watch our teeny tiny baby go through something like that. We were prayer warriors during the entire time of the surgery. Nothing else mattered. And now. Audrey is doing great. We don't expect any other complications with her heart. Our lives have moved on.

But for Ryan. It is a battle every single day. He needs prayer warriors after him. So, could you be one for him today? And tomorrow? And the next day?


The Bathroom.

This past week I was in my school a lot to help my maternity leave set up the classroom. (Yes, I am still on leave even though my baby is 10 months, I feel like I should just call it baby leave.) It wasn't too weird being back in the classroom until I went into the bathroom right across the hall.

Here, imagine this...

You are 8.5 months pregnant. You have been teaching all day to 22 kindergarteners. This includes singing, dancing, talking in funny voices, and anything else to make learning o'so fun. Your feet (which you cannot see anymore) are swollen like a pig on steroids and wonder how your bones got lost in a sea of squishiness. You keep feeling contractions, but think nothing of it, because in fact, the doc said the previous day that you have at least another week. The school day has just ended. It's Friday. Finally Friday. But you have to stay after because, what if, what if you happen to go into labor. Nah, that won't happen. But you better get plans ready just in case. There you go again. You have to go the bathroom for the 62nd time that day (remember, you have a baby sitting snugly on your bladder). You go to the bathroom across from your room, the one you have become quite fond of, because you are in there at every single break. And then it happens. Your water breaks. Oh my gosh, did that just happen. Yup, clearly it did. Next thought in your head? Thank goodness this did not just happen a half an hour earlier, how would I have explained it to 5 and 6 year olds? You and that bathroom will never be the same.

So, you can see why it was strange being in that bathroom this week. It brought back a lot of crazy moments for me.


Little Helper.

Audrey's at that age where she gets "bored" with her toys. She needs to know what I am doing and do it too. So when I am cooking this is what the kitchen ends up looking like...

Now how am I suppose to get anything done with a distraction as cute as her?


Everything is exciting and new to her. She wants to explore and touch and taste. She makes me appreciate the little things in life. Like a little purple flower sitting outside a restaurant. Without her I probably would have just walked right by and not thought about it all. But she brought me close to it. I tried to see how beautiful it was through her eyes. It was beautiful. A tiny flower that probably goes unnoticed more often than not.
Her curiosity is magical and contagious.


10 Months.

She is 10 months today.

My sweet baby girl doesn't seem so baby anymore. She kisses her teddy bear, hugs her daddy tight, thinks her crib is a playground, and loves to point at fans and lights.

Oh my, she will always be my darling baby girl.

By the way, the vintage dress she is wearing came from the Country Living Fair last year.


Country Living.

With September right around the corner, I was thinking about one of my favorite things to do. For the past two years I have gone on a road trip with some of my girlfriends to the annual Country Living Fair. Yes, folks, the magazine, Country Living, is what I am talking about. And oh, is it amazing. Even if you don't like the country look. In fact, I don't even like the country look, a.k.a, roosters and stars and forest green and cranberry colors everywhere. (Sorry if that is your cup of tea. You probably wouldn't like my taste either then. So there.) But I do like the country. The peace, the take-in-the-moment feeling, the sit on the porch with an old glass coca-cola bottle. And I like old, vintage things and to think about the history of them. And for the most part I like the vendors I see in the magazine. And those vendors will be live at the fair! It is totally cool to see things come out of the magazine right there and meet those creative people. [And I am not going to start the next sentence with and, I promise.]

Last year I toted Audrey around in the belly.

Audrey really wants to go this year. She told me. She remembers how cool it was to hang out in my belly last year, but wants to experience it first-hand this time. BUT, this year that weekend is already booked. We have a wedding to attend to. So, I am encouraging you to go, so I can live vicariously through you. If you live in the midwest area (like say, near Columbus, Ohio), have September 18-20 free, and love to look at really cool things, you should go. The experience in itself is worth it. And it would make me totally jealous of you. K, thanks. But please don't rub in Audrey's face, she might get mad.

We Got It.

As of Friday, the bungalow that we wanted is ours. Can I get a what, what?Italic Or you may do a little dance for us, whatever you prefer. I did both.

Yes, we still have our current home. We have had six showings now on it, in about 2.5 weeks, with one yesterday. We are stepping out on some faith here that it will sell soon.

In the meantime our second baby [it can be called that because it is going to require a lot of work and patience and it needs changed] is our new project. We have so much to do to it before it is 'livable,' but we are super excited. Some may look at our little undertaking and think they are crazy or wow, they are brave. And we are. Holla.
And in case you are curious to what it may look like. Here it is. The outside. And the kitchen. I mean, a big white room that is gross and needs everything new. Just so you get a little idea of what we have in store for us...

On the positive side- it has new siding and a new roof already. So it doesn't look that bad from the outside. We are getting new windows put in.
Oh, and did you notice the table sitting out in the front? Have any guesses as to why it is there? We aren't sure, but we are guessing beer pong may have been a favorable game among the last tenants.
Well, welcome to our adventure. I hope to update frequently on our progress. Which includes already, ripping out the ceilings in two rooms and a hallway and tearing up tile out of the hallway. And mowing the 12 foot grass. Okay, it wasn't 12 feet, but it was really really long.
Stay tuned...


Schoooool Time.

Where have I been? Not twittering. Not blogging. But very, very busy. Besides all the house stuff [which we had another showing yesterday and will have one on Saturday], I have been getting back into the groove of the teacher world.

Did you even know I was a teacher? I don't mention it much, because right now, I focus on being a mom. That is my job. BUT, I am scheduled to go back to work in January. Which I am not complaining about, because I have been on maternity leave since last October. It has been such a beautiful blessing.

These past two days I have been at a teacher conference all day. That means being away from Audrey for over 8 hours. Longest. ever. for. me. It was tough. Again, can't complain, the hubster brought her to me on my lunch break so I could see her and nurse. It was the sweetest thing ever to see her chubby little thighs trying to move as fast as she could to see me with the biggest grin on her face. It made my heart go boom boom. The hubster watched her for part of the time and my sister-in-law watched her for the other part. And she was a rock star. And I was all worried about her not doing well with me being gone. Like in the nursery, ahem. But she did just fine.

Anyway, I also had Parent Night tonight. I met the parents to my 24 kindergarteners. Um, yeah, 24 five and six year olds. I am not going to think about that too hard or I might go crazy.


This is the Way it is Suppose to be.

It happened to me today. I'm sitting in church, the sermon is going on, and then I see it. The number. The number your child is assigned to in the nursery in case they need to get a hold of you. And oh, is it obvious when the parent has to stand up in the middle of the sermon and walk out immediately after the number is placed on the screen. The very-large-screens-on-both-sides-of-the-church. It might as well state "Audrey is screaming her head off for her mom. Please come immediately."

I'm walking. Smiling at everyone. Pretending that it is no big deal that I am about to go get my hysterically crying baby.

But it is a big deal. ALL the other babies were as content as can be. But my poor sweet baby girl was yelling for "mom mom mom" and sobbing. I immediately rescued her. I get the response "she isn't away from you very much, now, is she?" This caused a am I doing the right thing, parenting question, inside of me? Am I suppose to be away from her more?

Then I realized...

As a matter of fact. No, she isn't ever away from me. And I have wanted it to be that way. Not because she can't be, but because I don't want her to be. I LOVE having her near me all the time. [Okay, confession: I like having her around all the time, but sometimes I get frusterated and wishing for a break, but you get the idea.]

She is a happy, easy-going baby. And if she cries when I am not around, who can blame her?

She is suppose to be with me all the time. This is the way it is suppose to be. For me. For now.


House Stuff.

I keep making myself a promise that I am going to blog a lot more. And then I don't. Maybe if I actually write it out and have some accountability (you all, of course), I will do it more. We'll see, right?

Anyway. Sorry about the lame title. I couldn't think of anything else and didn't want to wait on it.

So the hubster and I made a crazy decision. Remember all the talk about selling our place and wanting a cute little bungalow?

Well, it's happening. And I am so ecstatic about it. We just need like 50 things to fall exactly in to place and we are good to go. Ha. One thing being, we need to actually sell our place still. We have had two showings already this week and another one coming on Saturday. [Please interested buyer, make an offer, you will surely be happy.]

We have made an offer on a cute bungalow in town. We even gave earnest money. Not fake Monopoly pink and green money, but real hard earned cash. Whoa.

I'm not going to give too much away until the deal is more sealed. But we are super excited. And praying all the time about it.

Oh, and if you are one that loves projects and remodeling and interior designing and old charming homes, then you are going to love what we have in store. Hint hint.


Totally in Love.

Do you see what I see? I will give you one clue... There are four of them. Did you guess it yet? Okay, fine, one more clue, which makes it quite obvious, I think... They make you want to eat her right up.

Now you figured it out. HER ROLLS. They are delicious in deed. And make me very happy.

Geez, do I love her.


Anybody want a glass of lemonade?

When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade. Right? What if life throws you a giant one that has been on steroids and is genetically enhanced. Because I had like 10 of those thrown at me last week.

Here. Let me get straight to the point.
My husband lost his job. It was official on Friday.

And my job. Well, I get paid in coos, and smiles, and the pulling of my hair, and the changing of diapers, but not cash. Zero cash.

Oh, and we are still trying to sell our house. And buy another one. In the midst of this no job thing. Sounds brilliant, right? Ha.

I cried. Boy, have I cried. I told my husband something like this "Well, I guess we are going to eat Ramen Noodles for the rest of our life. Have you looked for a job today? Have you? I can't believe this. At least Audrey will not go hungry. She has the boob if nothing else."
[I know. I know. Not the most supportive wife. But I am trying. I really am.]
[Oh, and I totally went out and bought lots of Ramen Noodles the next day. I was not joking about that part.]
This all happened last week. This week is much better. Not better in the sense that my husband found his dream job. BUT he does have one. Thank goodness. His awesome brother has hired him until he finds something else. OR until he starts his own business. Uh huh, that's what he wants to do. I am kind of excited about this part. I know the hubster can do it. He is the hardest working guy. Ever. And extremely talented.

So, here's to making one GIGANTIC GLASS of lemonade.

We celebrated with a trip to the zoo yesterday. Actually we were forced out of our home for 4 hours while we had an open house. So we went to the zoo with our zoo pass. We spent zero dollars and even got to pet sharks.