baby {boy} wishlist.

[Here is my boy wishlist I created two days before I knew we were actually having a boy. Also, I have already made first boy purchase! A super adorable Mad Boy cowboy pj set and a Bambino Land comfy outfit via Zulily.]

With each consective baby you realize what you need and really don't need {which is quite a bit}. But you also learn that sometimes it's okay, and even better to invest in a piece that is more durable and will last through multiple kids (or have good resale value or keep as a keepsake).

That's where I am at. Thinking about what I really do need/wish  for baby #3, our BOY!  I would rather have less and love, love the baby items. Then buy something because it's on sale. [Don't get me wrong, I am a true sucker for sales.]

I received so, so many blankets for the girls. Blankets are great- for play, laying on, picture backdrops, swaddling, and of course keeping warm. Most of them are however, pink. This time around I would love to get some Aden and Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets for my little man. [These aren't over the top screaming boy, but I love the orange and grey combo and think they would be perfect.]

Amazon, $40

If it has cowboy print on it, I'm all for it. I love this blanket- which makes a great playmat too!

Etsy, Peppermint Pinwheels, $35

Now, I know babies do not need shoes until they are learning to walk and even then I'm a fan of soft sole ones like Robeez. But, I can't resist these adorable mustache booties.

Etsy, Charlie's Giraffe, $20

I love looking at baby carriers and slings. There are so many beautiful, well-crafted ones out there. And hello, they work magic. I'm thinking this time around, I might need a couple of new ones, like this gorgeous floral blue and orange ring sling, it's a great price too!
Etsy, Zmunki, $45

I've been coveting an AngelPack Carrier for a while now, ever since my cousin, Erin, raved about one. I just haven't been able to justify buying one because I own an Ergo, which I absolutely love. The Ergo is super comfortable, easy to use, and works with babies all the way up to 40 lbs (Audrey can still be worn!). But the downfall to my Ergo is it isn't very compatible for babies less than 3 or 4 months without the newborn insert (which I don't own and can get rather toasty-- I will be having a summer baby).  I think the AngelPack has the extra head support needed for wee little ones. And not to mention the fabric!? Gorgeous. When I bought the Ergo, I had in mind that my husband would use it (which he certainly does), so that means the look is pretty basic. I'm ready for some super cute! I love the Cherry Blossom print.

AngelPack, $139

I'm so excited to be shopping for boy clothes! I like the challenge of finding unique boy pieces, that aren't all sporty {the hubs is all about the sports, it's already a funny discussion on how to dress our boy}. I love this sleeper gown I found, these are terrific for those middle of night diaper changes.

Etsy, Aimee Sharp, $18

There are so many adorable and SAFER teething toys out there. I could get lost on Etsy looking at all the beautiful handcrafted wooden ones. And I think my boy needs this one.

Etsy, Teeth Me, $8

There is my first wishlist. I'm sure to create more- ha! Tell me, if you have a boy, what is an essential, must-have? Brands that last?
P.S. We have a name! Some of you that know me well, know the name already. I'm looking forward to sharing it very soon! I'm thinking I should get Audrey on video saying it.


four days.

This. This is just classic.

Four days left till Christmas. I'm so, so excited!


boy, oh boy.

So, I'm feeling pretty good that my motherly intuition was correct. But I really shouldn't be bragging, because Audrey told us day one that she was having a brother. She even prayed for one.

Audrey and Naomi will be having a little brother!

I may or may not have purposely wore a blue shirt, thinking that it would in fact, be a boy.

We also got word that the baby is looking very healthy and his heart is working great. It was so fun to get a super in-depth look at our baby BOY. {Gah, I can't stop saying the word boy, I can't believe it.} We did get a caution flag when the doctor found a blood clot on my placenta. They aren't super concerned, but they do want to monitor it to watch it's growth. Which means another ultrasound in four weeks. We are praying that it doesn't grow or even shrinks, which is possible. If it grows it could interfere with baby's growth. At this point baby boy is growing great--he is actually measuring about a week ahead. I'm not going to worry about this, but just give it to God and thank Him for all the positive news we heard today.

Now I have a confession, two nights ago I began researching things I want for a baby boy and started a blog post on a wishlist. Looks like I will be able to share that wishlist soon! I'm going to break the rumor that there aren't very many cute things for boys.

And thank you all for the sweet words on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram today. I keep reading all the thoughtful congrats. It's fun to spread the word with technology.



I've been trying to fill this day up with fun and stuff so it goes by as quickly as possible. This morning started out with homemade snowman pancakes. Then we ran errands, which usually always includes a trip to Target. Audrey had the idea of a picnic for lunch in our living room and now naptime with leftover Mexican. [Biggest craving this pregnancy for sure.]

And here we are.

I just snapped a quick 19 week shot of my belly. 19 weeks!! This pregnancy is almost half way done! I have to remind myself daily to take it in and actually think about being pregnant, because this is it {as far as our plans go with pregnancy}. I seriously forget throughout the day that I have a human inside of me, it's kind of crazy.

So, tomorrow is the big day. We get to find out the gender of this baby-yay yay yay! More importantly, we are going to get a super close look at this baby's growth and especially the heart; we are traveling a short trip up to Indianapolis for this ultrasound. Since Audrey was born with Pulmonary Stenosis (and had a heart procedure done at 5 days old), each consecutive baby gets checked in the womb to see if that baby is a carrier. Naomi did not have it and most likely this baby will not as well, but we will find out tomorrow with a heart echo. There isn't anything that they can "fix" before birth, but it will help prepare us and the doctors if something needs to be done at birth. I'm really excited to see little baby pop up on that screen! It is almost as exciting as birth but without any pain--score!

I've been asked a lot if I have a mother's intuition of what gender this baby might be. I definitely have my idea, but before I go and share what I think, I must say, boy or girl, we are over-the-top thrilled for another one to join our family. And clearly we don't have a choice in the matter. Ha! But, honestly, I'm thinking it's a boy. Not because "we need a boy next" or "it's about time for a boy" or "Andrew needs a boy for him." [Yes, I hear these things all the time. Can I give some advice? Don't tell a pregnant lady what gender they need to have next. Mmmkay.] I think it's a boy because this pregnancy has been very different than the last two. Audrey and Naomi were quite similar, all I remember is sickness A LOT. This time I have very rarely been sick and I feel like I'm carrying differently. Only tomorrow will tell, though! I may be surprised!


the binding bee.

I'm happy to say, I'm almost done with Christmas shopping. And most of it was done from the comfort of my couch. I do believe, online shopping was made for moms. Also, the anticipation of waiting for something to arrive in the mail is almost addicting, even if the present is for someone else. I hate checking the mail normally (I have to walk across the street and I'm lazy), but lately I have been going out there as soon as I can to see what fun package has come next.

Today, one of my very favorite Christmas presents arrived. My dad, whom I'm really close with (especially after losing my mom 5 years ago), is getting ready for a six week journey to Africa. SIX WEEKS! I'm so happy he is able to do this. He will be doing missionary work with his brother, who is a pastor. They will be traveling all over and hopefully get to go on a safari. (that is on my bucket list). So, I wanted his Christmas present this year to be purposeful for his trip. After visiting a local art show in my town, I came across an awesome Etsy seller, Megan Winn. Her online store, The Binding Bee, sells custom, handmade journals. You guys, these journals are gorgeous. I knew the moment I saw her journals, that was what I was going to get my dad.

So Megan worked with me and created a beautiful leather journal, with an antique key closing and an African map on the inside. How cool is that?! She made sure there was leather that covered all sides, since she knew this journal would be traveling a lot. Durability, yes.

Today I spent time filling some of the pages with pictures of my dad's grandkids and devotions, so when he is traveling he will be encouraged and have sweet pictures to look at.

I can't wait for my dad to open it on Christmas. It's not the newest fishing pole or latest gadget, but sometimes gifts like this speak so much more to us.

['m not getting compensated for this post and I purchased the journal myself; when I find an awesome store that sells handmade unique stuff, I want to share. I love that she has a variety of prices in her journals too.]

You really must go and check out her store, The Binding Bee.


holly jolly.

The weekend was filled with so many festive activities, from a Christmas breakfast, to Santa Train, to a Holiday Get Together with some super close girlfriends to church to a live Nativity Scene. Oh, and a birthday party mixed somewhere in there.

Santa Hat Brownies, idea came from Pinterest. I would write down how to do them, but they are pretty self-explanatory- brownies from a mini muffin tin, white chocolate melted, and strawberries.

Today I mailed out my Christmas cards. Yay! I was going to splurge and buy them from Tiny Prints (oh the quality and customer service!), but I ended up winning them from Tiny Prints instead through my friend Lenae's blog. I decided this year to do a letter along with it. It will be fun to look back on over the years and read.

I found a fabulous idea via Pinterest (hello, addiction) on what to do with old Christmas cards. I have been collecting them (mainly just picture ones) since 2006, they have remained in the Christmas bin year after year, but this year, they are out for all to see. Such an easy and cute idea. Buy two metal clip rings from a craft store. Take a hole punch and punch two holes in all the cards. Make sure your hole puncher isn't ten years old, it will take twice as long and your hand will be sore the next day; lesson learned. Separate into years (fortunately, I already had them all divided in bags, so I didn't have to do any guessing), and make into a little coffee table book. I also had scrapbook paper to divide and label each year in the book. I've had so much fun looking through the pictures of friends and family.

Have you been working on any fun holiday projects? Do share! What about Christmas cards, do you order them or make them or buy Christmas cards on sale the year before? (I used to do that, years ago. Then I never liked them as much the following year.)


oh, the holidays.

I splurged on a Little People's Nativity Set the other day. [My thought was, I spend enough on cute little decorations and smelly candles, this should be in our house.] I'm so glad I bought it, because the girls have been playing with it almost non-stop. Audrey favors Mary and Naomi favors baby Jesus, it works out great. And we are pretty sure Naomi says See-sus.

Yesterday for our Advent activity, Audrey picked out some special toys from the store to give to a little girl. Then we took the toys to Stuff-A-Bus. I was thoroughly amazed at how well Audrey did while picking out the toys for someone else, then we got to the bus and she walked right in and placed the toys down next to the other ones. She picked out a Hello Kitty microphone and Hello Kitty lipgloss, somethings she would definitely want herself. This activity that we did isn't much at all, there is so, so much more to give and not just material things, but I'm thankful that we are able to give when and where we can. It's funny how you do something to teach your child something, like the value of giving to others, when really it's a lesson for yourself {me}.

We do make it a point to keep the holiday season focused on the celebration of Jesus' birth, but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy going to other fun festive events, that even includes Santa Claus. I love imagination, so we do the Santa thing. Today, Andrew took the girls to a Santa Train, while I was at a Christmas breakfast. [Have I mentioned how awesome of a dad he is? He works really hard at his business, but also being a rockin' dad.] Despite the crazy amount of people there, the girls had a blast. What's not to love about seeing Buzz Light Year, Snow White, Cinderella, Cindy Lou-who, Thing 1 & Thing 2, Shrek, Rudolph, and of course, Santa on the train? [It's all free too.] I got word that Naomi thought Buzz Light Year and Shrek were the coolest things ever and she kept giving them high fives every time they walked by, and they walked by a lot, because they saw how thrilled she got by them.

 We often call Audrey Thing 1 and Naomi Thing 2, so this picture is so appropriate.

You can see last year's pictures of the Santa Train here (when it was much colder out).


this girl.

She is such a ham. We were in the kitchen and Audrey was moving around a chair and then sat down in it to do a project at the table. The next thing I know, Naomi has dragged a little blue chair into the kitchen from Audrey's room and sat right down.

I just didn't want to forget this little moment. It made my heart smile.


happy december.

I'm so excited it's December. We started our Advent activities today. We were going to paint some little people for our Nativity Scene, but the craft store didn't have the ones I wanted, so we improvised and Audrey picked out a Nutcracker ornament to paint. She loves the Nutcracker, I can't wait till she is old enough to take her to it.

I have been slowly getting the house decorated for the holidays. I did most of it last Friday, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the front porch and our "mantle." I think decorating is a process, and can take time to make it just right. So far, I'm liking what our front porch is looking like, not quite finished, but almost. I like simplicity.

Nothing like using sticks from the yard to decorate with, right? I popped some large sticks in a container, filled it with some decor stuff, and added lights. The only thing I bought were the lights. [Psst. The idea came from Pinterest. And now I admit I may be slightly addicted. So many great ideas. And inspiring.]

For the other part of the porch, I just used some greenery that was cut from our tree. And I bought the wooden tree from TJ Maxx.

It's kind of bitter-sweet to think this may be our last Christmas in this house. I do love the coziness of it.