my dearest audrey {you are five}.

[I write a letter ever year to my children on or near their birthday. You can read Audrey's letter from last year here.]

My Dearest Audrey Rose,

It's eleven days past you turning five and I was waiting for just the right moment to write to you. And as I was getting ready to head to bed I thought about a really sweet thing you said to me tonight and it hit me, I needed to write it down. I want you to know the words of encouragement that you fill me up with every single day. As I was getting ready to put Lincoln down for bed you entered his room and said "Happy birthday, mama!" And my response was "it's not my birthday till tomorrow." But you know what you said then? "I know, I just wanted to share my kindness with you!" 

You wanted me to feel special and loved. And I do. I most certainly do from you. A few nights ago I wasn't feeling the best when I was putting you and Naomi to bed and you got a cold washrag to put on my head and gently rubbed it around my face. You're five, and you already have such a tender way. 

This past year, you grew in so many ways. Not just physically and intellectually, but spiritually and emotionally. I think you are such a wise five year old, dear. You have a way with responding to people who are hurting. You love hard, don't ever lose that. I have a feeling that God has big plans to use your caring heart to help others. He already has! You were such an amazing big sister when Naomi was being treated for her cancer. You helped with your brother and you stayed strong. 

You know there isn't a day that goes by you don't tell me how much you love Jesus? Just last night you were dancing around with your hands in the air, worship music was playing, a fire was lit, and you exclaimed "I'm just praising Jesus and enjoying the day!" 

My prayer is that you will always continue to praise Jesus, because He loves you so deeply and even when we can't understand what is going on, we can always, always trust in His promises. He is our Hope, Truth, and Way. 

Some of your favorite things to do right now is to dress up and pretend. Girl, your imagination is beyond. You can turn a piece of grass into a fairy or look at it and see the letter r. You love to write stories and draw. And right now you at the beginning stages of reading, and it is so fun to watch your brain work and sound out words. I tried to spell a word to your daddy the other day without you knowing what I was saying, but you sounded it out and got it. Oops. :) Oh, and apparently you taught yourself how to tie your own shoes and zip your own coat, which makes my life easier. You were motivated to learn to tie because you were adding scarves around your waist for an outfit, not because you are wearing tennis shoes all the time. You are quite the fashionista, sweetie. 

Since you were born you have always been contemplative and reserved before trying things or being in places that are new to you. But you know what? You still try things and push yourself, and I love that about you. The day after you turned five we went to a party with horseback riding. You were so excited to ride, I think this was your second time riding a horse. And you got right on that horse and rode around with a leader guiding it, except the horse ended up bucking you off. And as scary as that was, you rested and you got back on a different horse and tried it again. You didn't let fear win. You can do hard things. You are brave and you are strong. 

You are also beautiful inside and out. Just the way you are. And your caring, five year old heart? Well, it is such a blessing to me every single day. Thank you. 

To the moon and back my dear, I love you.

Your Mama 

 birthday morning tradition--homemade rainbow pancakes, sprinkles, and whipped cream! 

The one thing you wanted to do on your birthday--jump on this thing at the mall, Which you asked to do since you were 3.5! And girl, you were determined to flip! 
It took you several tries to get it, but you didn't give up! 
You told me you were sitting in that so you could be Ariel and your legs wouldn't show. And you sat there and played for a good 20 minutes. 

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