16 months.

On the 5th, my little Naomi turned 16 months. I'm behind, but I wanted to make sure to write down these sweet/funny/even challenging little things about her. Because, I know all too well, how fast this time goes. And in less than three short months, I will have a newborn as well.

If Audrey gets something, Naomi insists on it as well. In fact, it doesn't matter what I give Naomi, she wants what her sister has. For Valentine's Day I bought them each a balloon, but I made the mistake of buying two different ones. When we got home, Naomi purposefully took Audrey's and ran down the hallway with it while Audrey ran after her to get it back.

She loves to color and paint. And do play dough. Although, she still tries to put it all in her mouth because she thinks it's funny when we tell her no.

She is becoming quite the climber. Side table. Bed. Couch. Chairs. Stairs. She also likes to be on the go. If we haven't left the house in the while she will head to the door and pull on it and look for her shoes and coat.

She loves to be held, by her mama mainly. Other than that, she runs if I let her down and loose.

She is such a charmer with her smile. And a lover of books and food. Her personality is blooming and it makes me squeal with delight.

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