purging, packing, and pinterest.

Last week, I wrote about my call to motherhood, and how I declined a free week stay in Jamaica due to my pregnancy and the sheer fact I wasn't ready to leave my other two babies for six days. I was suppose to be at the beach all last week. God gave me such peace about my decision and all week, I had no regrets. [It probably helped that we had such amazingly warm weather as well.] In fact, I think I appreciated making those flower peanut butter and honey sandwiches just a tad more and dancing on the whim in the living room happened freely because I was here and really wanted to be. It was like the idea of absence made my heart grow fonder.

Little did I know, that God actually had other exciting plans for me {and my family} instead of listening to the ocean roar. This last week, we sold our house. Fo real. And it all happened in an unplanned flash. There is no doubt that it was part of God's plan though and in His perfect timing. It all started the weekend when I was suppose to be leaving for Jamaica--we had a showing without even our house officially being on the market. We quickly put it on the market on Tuesday and had an offer by late that evening. I'm not even kidding. Skip ahead two days and we had another showing and by that evening we had two awesome offers on the table. Not to mention another showing that night. We have accepted an offer and having a closing date in March.

So, now I am slowly starting to pack. I figured a should do a box or two a day while my belly isn't totally ginormous yet (just about three months till Lincoln's arrival!), and take advantage of my "nesting" period I'm in right now. [I may have randomly went through all my spices and transferred them to cute glass jars just so they can match. Because you know, that's important before moving. Ha.] I'm going through closets and purging. I love it. And Pinterest. Don't get me started on this slight obsession. I'm getting crazy home ideas on there.

I'm trying not to think too far ahead, being that we haven't actually closed yet. But it is so exciting and stressful and fun all at the same time. In the next three months we will have sold our third home, bought a new one (that we plan to be in for a very long time), and have our third baby in three and a half years. Are we nuts? Why, yes, yes we are. Thankfully, I can give my worries to My King, because there is no way that I could have controlled how this is all working out. If you think about, I would love some prayers about finding our next home and that between now and mid-March the house selling process will go smoothly.

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