berry pickin' fun.

I want to come to this little space and share about our new home that I'm absolutely loving. And tell you how big Lincoln is getting. But instead, I'm popping in really quick to share some super sweet berry picking pictures from the other day. We spent the weekend out of town with close friends and family, it was just what we needed after going non-stop for a week on unpacking and getting our home in order. Even though it was 90 degrees out, we had a great time picking strawberries and blueberries on Sunday afternoon, sort of on a whim. Fresh berries are SO much better than store bought. Oh my. 

Haha. Yup, that's what I did pretty much the whole time to keep Linc out of the sun. 

Cousin love. These two, I tell you what. 


Check out the stained fingers. She worked hard!

Oh, I do hope to come back and share about the house! I'm just so, so tired right now. Any extra minute I have I'm usually painting, or unpacking, or organizing, or maybe just maybe I get a little sleep in there too.

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