first day.

Look how big she is!!

She's only going two mornings a week. But we made a big deal out of it--she picked out a backpack and lunch bag, princess no less. I made her a cute-healthy lunch. And now I've been eyeing all these fun Bento pieces that I want to buy. If you do Bento, let me know what you recommend most! Surprisingly, there were no tears by any of us. Her teacher said she did wonderful and couldn't believe that was the first time for me leaving her. I'm pretty sure she was sold on preschool when she walked in and immediately found a snow white dress to put on. She came home with a rainbow she colored and her own name written on it. I about died from the cute.

Saying goodbye to Audrey to attend preschool wasn't hard, but leaving my three month old for a half a day was. Naomi and Lincoln will also be going the same mornings as Audrey. I'm working a bit more, so we needed some scheduled care. Naomi spent the morning with her Gamma, but Thursday she will join her siblings. I had a great report on Lincoln--he slept and ate well. When we got home, I made sure to nap right next to mister. I missed his sweet baby smell.

Naomi was so excited to see her sister again. These two are becoming quite the pair.

I'm glad the first day went so well, it makes this transition slightly a bit easier. I'm thankful for my job and for finding a great place to care for my littles. I'm thankful that I can mostly work from home, but still get some quiet, needed work time in at the office. This is a new chapter in our family book, and I'm excited for it. It's going to make me appreciate our time at home that much more. 

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