right off my fingertips.

I couldn't remember the web address I type in to get here. To my blog, my personal space. I could not remember it. It's been that long. And I can feel my head about to explode with emotions and words that usually run off my fingertips as I blog. I need to blog again. To clear my head. Especially now. In the absolute busy-ness of life, when I hardly have time to shower, at least by myself without someone peeking in the shower curtain to say hi. Or asking me to help velcro the back of a dress as I wash my hair. Or quick Lincoln is down for another short nap, I have 10 minutes, girls please make good choices while I shower. Or just stand in the bathroom while I shower because then at least I know you aren't coloring on the walls again.

(Why yes, I have a turquoise-y door, 
I really need to share more on the house--we've now been here over three months!) 

This space is where I figure out motherhood. This crazy-never-ending-always-questioning-if-I'm-doing-a-good-job motherhood. I want to come here and talk about it. The good, gosh there is so much good in mothering, and the hard. Because this mama gig is not easy. Not one mama has it totally figured out, no matter how well the Facebook status might be.

Today I got frustrated when Audrey kept asking the same question over and over and over. When I already answered her. Didn't you just hear me?! I answered you already. And I got upset when Naomi would not put her marker lids back on. And Lincoln, come on would you give me more than a half an hour nap.

But I was also really proud today when Audrey took her dishes to the counter without being asked. And she gave the pretty pink flower to a friend and took the not desired green one instead, because she wanted her friend to be happy. And I didn't have to tell her. We are working on putting others before ourselves. It doesn't come naturally. When I say we, I mean, we, I am working on this too. Naomi shared her swing today with Audrey, it was a sweet moment. And even though Lincoln isn't the greatest napper, he is almost always happy.

Yeah, the good is so much better than the hard.

And I'm back to record it.

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