fall fun. {come on over}.

Growing up, one of my fondest memories was having friends over. A lot. My mom had an open door policy. Anyone can pretty much come over anytime, as long as they eat. She loved to feed people. And have tea. And talk. Boy, could she talk. [I sure do miss her.]

I'm so thankful that her legacy continues on through me. I love to host. When we were house hunting back in early spring, we wanted a large house with an open floor plan and a large backyard for the purpose of having people over. And we are so incredibly thankful that our home now allows for that. We have an open door policy. We want our home to be a safe-haven for our kids and for anyone else.

On Saturday, we had over twenty adults and twenty plus kiddos (age 7 and under) in our home. It was kind of awesome. Face painting. Pumpkin painting. Fire pit. Grilling. Pitch-in food. And just plain ol' hanging out.

This is my absolute favorite time of the year. 

Disclaimer: We have big plans to paint those rooms a light grey, get rid of the dining room light fixture, paint the kitchen cabinets white, and change out the counter-top, and white wash the stone around the fireplace. All with due time. You know, in between rocking babies to sleep, changing diapers, potty-training, working, and enjoying life. 

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