family pictures & video.

October was such a crazy, busy, fun month for us. It included three birthday celebrations, one of which a certain someone turned 30, our family pictures, family vacation to Disney World, and Halloween. In some ways, I'm so happy to welcome November and {hopefully} a slower pace. Although can we really do slow with holidays? I hope so! I have so much I want to share on here. But for now, I'm most anxious to share our family pictures.

For the last three years, my friend, Liz Russell (whom I met through a blog friend...seriously this internet stuff is crazy and sometimes creates long lasting friendships!) has come to take our family pictures and an amazing video. This year she traveled about 10 hours (there and back) to do this for us. Not even kidding. If you live around the Nashville area, you should get in contact with her for photography!

Here is this year's video.

And here are a few many of my favorite pictures.

How will I ever choose for our Christmas card?!

Check out our first year video here {2010}, and last year's video here {2011}

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