learning to say no. {finding contentment}

[Oh hey, you probably thought I was done with blogging. I kind of thought I was too. But look, I'm back {again}. I was reminded tonight that this space is for capturing my family's life moments. It's my life journal.]

The weekend after Thanksgiving we did our traditional tree hunt. To the same tree farm I've been going to since I was a wee one. Audrey wasn't feeling the best, but we still ventured out for a quick trip. We picked out a Frasier Fir (my absolute favorite) and headed to the little cabin for hot chocolate and popcorn. This year was extra special because it was Lincoln's first trip.

As much as I love these traditions we're creating with our little family, this holiday season I've made it a point to be okay with not doing everything. And it feels so good. In past years, I've put this pressure on myself that for our Advent activities something needs to happen every day. So far this year, many of our days are just spent reading a verse from scripture. We are focusing on the warmth of our home and the contentment in just being together. I'm learning to say no to fun and free our schedule up so we can make spur of the moment magic Christmas tents at home and drink hot chocolate in front of the fire when we wish. [We have a fireplace! Eek! First Christmas in our new home-but that's a whole other post!]

Don't get me wrong, we have already done some fun things for Advent--like a Polar Express train ride that I'll be sharing. But my favorite moments have been the quiet ones at home. 

Audrey working hard on gingerbread boy and girl cookies. She was quite nervous that they would try to escape the oven, but fortunately, not one got away! They turned out quite nicely...

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