finding perspective.

I'm going to be honest, the last six weeks or so haven't been easy in our household. My husband has been dealing with a some-what chronic pain that doesn't really have a cure (yet). It has come mostly in the evenings, you know, when I'm ready to pass the baton and take a mama breather. I've been holding the baton, barely holding on, waiting and looking for a hand to grab it.

Today, I think I finally felt like the finish was near. Or at least I'm going to make it.

Words of encouragement have seeped in that have helped tremendously. I thought I might share some of those words, in hopes, that it could encourage someone else in the midst of a trial.

[These words are from some of my best friends. I'm pretty blessed.]

"During my frustrating times, I try to remember everything has a season. This too shall pass. One day at a time. And I truly think God uses these moments so we have no other option but to look to Him. He promises to give us rest. I pray you feel a peace that surpasses human understanding in your trialing moments!" 

"Remember, God designs every trial specifically for each of us, so that we remember that when the world fails around us, HE is is here we put our trust and faith.  God will see this through - for both of you - because HE is bigger than your circumstances. His promise is eternal. His plan extends beyond what we can see. Stay strong. Get rest when you can.  Don't be afraid to ask for help from others to juggle all the things on your plate right now.  Be the encouragement Andrew needs."

"He rewards those who earnestly seek him.  Hebrews 11:7 Let those words soak into your bones today.  KNOW that he is in control and KNOW that he wants you to trust him." 

I was able to find perspective in those words. In His words.

Valentine's morning we woke up, I had to get all the kids ready by myself for school so I could get to work. The girls were a bit grumpy, and if I'm honest, I was a bit too. So in the car, I told the girls we were going to listen to some worship music so we can remind ourselves what our focus should be on. We were listening to a song talking about getting upset over little things like losing keys and getting a speeding ticket, when in the grand scheme of life, it doesn't matter. I was nodding along to the song, absorbing those words. And guess what happens to me? I lock myself out of my van at work, in which we only have one set of keys. This was clearly God's sense of humor. And I laughed right along.

That brought perspective to me.

As I was scanning Pinterest the other day, I came across a quote that said sometime along the lines of "Your child will follow your example, not your advice." Whoa. Truth. I'm constantly telling my kids to choose joy. Yet, in the last six weeks, I can tell you, I haven't been very good about doing it myself. If I want my children to be joyful in all circumstances, then I must do the same. It's not an easy task, but thankfully grace allows for me to continue to reach for it.

I found perspective in that quote. Choose joy. Be receptive to grace.

He was annoyed because sister kept poking him in the head. It was sort of hilarious.

I'm slowly learning that perspective is all around me. In the little moments of feeding Lincoln breakfast. In watching my eldest dream and create. In twirling with Naomi as she describes herself as a "bootiful princess." 

Finding perspective to carry me through tiring, trying moments, that are only temporary, but His promise is eternal. 

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