being intentional. {a day of play and ice cream}

Today was about being very intentional. I usually snap away with pictures using my phone. But I decided my phone needed a rest, so that I could focus more. I brought my real camera along for a small road trip for play time and ice cream. 

Today was about watching Naomi in the rear-view mirror try to go to sleep on the way to our destination, while she would sneak an eye open to see if I was watching her and then quickly pretend she was asleep. It was about watching Audrey entertain herself with her imagination while the other two napped in the van. It was about passing my mama's favorite view, and sweet memories flooding in. 

Today was for blowing kisses as the kiddos scattered around at the play place, climbing, sliding, spinning. 

It was about picking our favorite ice cream. Chocolate, whipped cream, sprinkles, and don't forget the cherry on top. 

It was for watching Lincoln stuff his face with macaroni and cheese, and think just a few months ago I was his full food provider. 

Today was for more rear-view watching on the way home as the girls played with their princesses together. Calmly, happily. This isn't always the case, but today I enjoyed the beautiful bonding that took place. 

Today was about taking the time to look into each of my children's eyes and realize what a blessing they truly are in between the potty accidents, the spills, the grumpiness, the cuts, and the crying. {All of which also happened today. But I'm choosing to focus on the joy.}

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