moments to put away in the time capsule.

I could share all the great things we've been doing lately--we had jam-packed, fun-filled days. But I want to go beyond the fun, and reflect on the true treasures, the little moments that make my heart skip a beat and say this, this is what life is all about.

On Friday Audrey was playing with a glass bird of mine that's a table decoration, that she knows she isn't suppose to play with. And oh hey, it breaks. I go into the room after I hear the shatter and I don't say a word. I just sit holding the broken pieces. And I sit. Audrey runs upstairs, I knew she felt bad for what she did, but I also knew she needed that alone time. A few minutes later she comes down.

"Mama, did you know I was upstairs?"

"Yes, dear, what were you doing?"

"I was sitting in the guest room asking God to forgive me."

"For breaking the bird?"


"Honey, I'm so glad you felt it in your heart to ask for forgiveness. He forgives you and so do I. You are loved by God and by me so much. I wasn't sad that the bird broke, but I was sad for you disobeying me when I asked you not to play with it. But it's okay. I'm so thankful for forgiveness and we don't have to worry about it after we ask for others to forgive us."

Then she said she wanted to keep praying in the guest room. And she did. (I snuck in very quietly to snap a picture and to listen in.)

My prayer is that forgiveness and grace will be written on my children's hearts their whole life. It's so simple, yet we sometimes make it more than it has to be. I am forgiven. I am loved.

Another sweet moment from the weekend--we watched some friend's kiddos tonight and while watching a movie, eating popcorn, Lincoln just kept going up to Naomi to kiss her. Over and over. With the kissing sound and all. It was too much.

My prayer is that my children will always remember that sharing affection can heal our hearts. Love is always the answer.
Thursdays are the only days the kids aren't in school for half the day or have another commitment. I call it our play-day. And if it allows, we stay home and relish in the ability to do whatever we want. After a quick trip to Target to get my beloved fall candle (that I usually buy September first, but this year it took a few extra days), we decided it was a fort-building day with interrupted moments of dancing to worship music. I try to keep worship music playing in the background all day, because it keeps me grounded, and a reminder of where my focus should be--ministering the love of Jesus to my kiddos. I don't want to forget the awe of the kids' eyes when we made the tent and got Christmas lights out, and even got to eat lunch under it. It required zero money, but fulfilled our hearts.

My prayer is that my children will remember that money and things are not the answer to their happiness. But that the answer is always right before their eyes...happiness is bound by loved ones.

When I need these sweet reminders, I'm going to visit this time capsule.

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