holiday cards. {tiny prints}

One of my favorite traditions of Christmas is sending out the Christmas card and receiving them. With technology and the accessibility to contact someone through email, social media, or texting, I just love the idea of exchanging hellos through the traditional mailbox. I make a little goal for myself to get my cards mailed out sometime close to December 1st. I love writing a letter to go along with the card, reflecting back on the year to see how God has been working in our lives. I keep our cards and the letter I write each year in a special keepsake to get out with all of the holiday decor, so fun to read by the fire, sipping some homemade hot chocolate and seeing how our family has grown over the years.

I'd say half the fun in choosing the card is picking which pictures to use--thankful for our annual family photo shoot in October. The other half of the fun is choosing the design. Or in the case of Tiny Prints, you can choose the design, the layout, the font, the texture of the paper, the shape of the card, and even the envelope liner. How fun is that?! I've used Tiny Prints in the past because of the quality of their prints, but also because of their commitment to costumer service. Plus, I love to know that their products are made with corporate sustainability and printed in South Carolina and Minnesota.

While I was checking out the new holiday designs for 2013, I couldn't help but be attracted to all the cards that have gold on them. I'm slightly obsessed with a little bit of gold everywhere. Yes, you too?

I had a lot of fun plugging in our pictures into some of my favorite designs:

1. Golden Greetings

2. Stunning Stand

3. Circling Joy

 4. Adored Ornaments 

I thought I would try out the round ones that can also be hung on the tree! 
5. Spray on Glitter

Now excuse me while I dwell over which card to choose! 

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