the power of purchase. {christmas shopping ideas}

Something that has been on my heart lately is how much I'm buying, why, and where it is coming from.   We live in abundance and that more is always better--we need the next best gadget and upgraded bathroom sinks, and tile floors, and new hardware on the cabinets. And. And. And none of these things are necessarily wrong to have or want--trust me I would love a lot of these things. But then I go back to the verse--where my heart is there my treasure is also. (Matthew 6:21)

So, as I am making purchases, especially with the upcoming holiday season, I've been thinking about the ability to make a difference in someone's life just by what I purchase. This can get overwhelming pretty easily as I question where my food comes from, all my articles of clothing, my accessories, home goods, etc. But I think it's about doing something rather than nothing. Starting right where I am at.

I've come up with a power of purchase list of items that help sustain lives in one way or another. Some of these places I have bought from in the past and some are brand new and I've found through a friend or on Instagram or Facebook.  Take a peek and I hope it encourages you to think about your purchases you make this holiday season.

The Etsy Shop, Beautiful Uganda has some lovely hand-crafted jewelry that comes directly from Uganda by the artisan Grace Ayaa. My favorite piece is the Dreamy Mint Statement Necklace (above picture).
Simply Beautiful Shop is amazing handmade body products, I have bought from this shop before to have gifts handy for friends who need pick-me-ups and I also think they would make awesome stocking stuffers. The money from these items go to support their adoption--that's sustaining a life! 

Better Life Bags does just what it says. It helps make lives better--they hire women who wouldn't otherwise be able to get jobs near the Detroit area. Be sure to read all about their Mission Statement! They sell ipad covers and iphone wallets, and array of bags that are all custom designed by you! See the bag above? That is my design, how fun is that?! 

Echoes of Mercy is an Etsy Shop with beautiful, inspiring digital prints--which I love because you don't even have to wait to have them shipped, just emailed right to you! The purchases from this shop help a foster mama and the adoption of her twin girls. 

Humble Hilo is a new company I found on Instagram and I was instantly attracted to the vibrant colors in their bags, then I took a look at their story and saw that they partner with World Link Partners with individuals in Guatemala to help with nutrition for children, literacy, and giving opportunity for women to use their skills to help support their families. 

Beautiful & Beloved is another shop I found on Instagram. They support individuals who were once enslaved by human trafficking or living in extreme poverty--each item is created by these individuals and we have the opportunity to support them and bring awareness to these injustices. I'm loving the Aztec earrings in their shop! 

FashionABLE is a company that empowers women to earn a living, I love how you can read direct stories of women who have been changed by the opportunity to work. I've been gifted a scarf in the past from here, which are awesome--because they are light enough to work in all seasons and each come with a story attached of the woman who created it. But what I also love about FashionABLE is that there are leather goods to buy, which is great for men's gifts! 
If I come across some other shops that I love and can have a direct affect for the positive with a purchase, I will be sure to share. Do you know of a shop you love to support for this reason? Please share in the comment section! 

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