today you are two. {naomi fae}

[I've decided every birthday to write a letter to each of my children. A letter that reveals strengths and weaknesses. Details I don't want to forget. And my prayers for them.]

My Dearest Naomi Fae,

Today you are two. An age that is usually negatively labeled as the "terrible-twos." But I don't see that with you. I see hope. And growth. {And tantrums, but mainly growth and excitement}. I think you have been waiting for this age. The last six months have been challenging for you {and me}. When you were 17 months we sold our home and moved in with your Gramps until our new house was ready.  Then at 18 months we welcomed your baby brother into our family. And at 19 months we moved into our forever home. Those months my sweet child, were a time where your boat was rocked. You only wanted your paci, blankie, and your mama. Then at 20 months we took your paci away and 21 months moved you to your big girl bed. You did remarkably well at both. Low and behold you wanted to potty train just shy of 22 months. All of this in six months. You know what this tells me about you? You are strong, even at your young age. When hard times strike, you are going to be a rock. I pray that you carry this quality with you all through your life.

In the last few months, your language skills just took off. We weren't sure when you were going to begin talking, you tend to be on the quiet side, compared to your sister. {And that's totally okay.} Now though, you talk in full sentences. Your favorite phrases begin with "I want..." and "I do it 'self." You are independent to no end. You want to be able to take off your clothes (which you can mostly do) and dress yourself. You don't want to hold my hand in a parking lot and you climb everything. Which sometimes gives me a little heart attack on playgrounds.

You have determination. And I pray that it takes you far in life, but I also pray that you don't expect perfection. And you learn to let others help you, just as I know you will help them. I know this all too well, because I'm the same way.

I call you my "spit-fire," dear. You keep me on my toes. You've been known to rip books, write on walls, take your dirty panties off and try to clean them yourself in the potty, draw on your body, get in cat litter, wipe baby ointment all over your face, spray your face with (natural) bathroom cleaner, and eat old found food...to name a few. I have a feeling this is only the beginning with you. But do know, I will love you forever and always no matter what.

You adore your sister. When you wake up from nap, usually the first words that come out of your mouth are you asking for Audrey. You share a room with her, which I pray helps plant a bond between you two that will continue to grow throughout the years. Just the other day, I was told at preschool you didn't want to get on the firetruck at first, but when sister encouraged you, you went with her. Be each other's encouragers, ok? Believe it or not, you adore your brother as well. My favorite is when you go up to him with your squeaky two year old voice and say "buster-boo!" I don't think you have gone a day without kissing on him. I have a feeling you two are going to have a lot in common.

Your favorite things right now are coloring, Dora, babies, and books. Oh, how you love to love on your babies. You nurse them, wrap them in blankets, and push them in the stroller.

Even though you are only two, I have already thought about your future. What kind of driver will you be in high school? What will you study? Will you stay around or move away? These are fun things to dream about. But in the end, none of it matters to me. My prayer is that you know the love of Jesus and that you demonstrate this love to others. That compassion is written on your sleeve. I love you more than anything, and His love for you is even beyond that. Crazy, huh?

You are beautiful inside and out. I cherish the moments you tell me to "suggle wit du." (snuggle with you) And when I can just look at you with a big smile and your pretty smile flashes right back at me. How you ask for a high five. And your new favorite thing to say is "I'm a monster!" And you kind of are, I'm not going to lie. But a cute one at that.

I'm so thankful that God created you exactly the way you are. He knows all the hairs on your head, and girl, you were born with a lot!

Welcome to two, sweet baby.

Love, Your Mama.

{Naomi photo overload is about to happen, but not really, because you can't really overload with pictures of her. I'm her mom, I can say that, but it's also truth.}

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