{christmas} eve.

We spent the day up at Andrew's Granny and Popaw's, our Christmas Eve Day tradition. Then in the evening headed to my dad's. All three kiddos slept on the drive there (early morning naps, what?!) AND on the way home. I love unexpected peaceful moments.

Here are a few of my favorite moments from the day:

Teaching Audrey (and Naomi, but she wasn't really interested) how to play Uno.

Watching this guy get so close to crawling.

Audrey crawling up on her Great-Popaw's lap and listening to him read Jesus' birth story from the Bible.

Right before bed, we got milk, cookies, reindeer food, and a letter to Santa ready. They were so excited! (Barbie and baby Jesus made their appearance on the front of the letter, in case you can't tell.)

Tomorrow we plan on staying at our home all day, with about 20 others joining us. I'm looking forward to having our first Christmas in our new home!

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