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We just got back from my dad's house, where all three kiddos were hanging out while Andrew and I had a double date. I walk in the door there and Audrey exclaims "but we haven't even got to spend the night yet?!" We were just picking up Lincoln to take him home with us, but the girls were staying the night, and Audrey most definitely didn't want to head back home yet. Nor did Naomi, as she was chowing down on some pizza. So Lincoln is going to have some great mama and daddy time until tomorrow afternoon.

With three little ones so close in age, we are intentional with spending separate time with each one. We go on mini-dates---last Saturday I took Audrey with me in the morning to a craft show, then just Naomi with me in the afternoon for Christmas shopping, and Lincoln helped me finished up errands in the evening. I love, love that one-on-one time.

Last weekend, we also had a fun date planned with just the girls. We dropped Lincoln off at Grandmas, (We are so blessed to have family in town!) and headed about an hour and half away to a Polar Express train ride. This trip had been planned since October, so the girls were very much looking forward to it. The girls wore pajamas, of course. There were tents set up with activities while we waited to load--train tables and coloring. If there is coloring or anything that has to do with art, my girls are on it.

We could tell the girls were loving the extra mama and daddy time. Each took turns sitting on our laps on the train. They served hot chocolate and cookies--complete with dancing elves along the aisle. Because you know, we were on our way to the North Pole. They came and punched our tickets just like they do in The Polar Express. The book was read over the speakers with the ticket boy showing the book up and down the aisle. My mama pride may have come out a little when I whipped out the book and had it ourselves to follow along. Ha. I think it is safe to say the girls favorite part was seeing Santa on the train and when he gave each of them a silver bell, just like in the book. My favorite part was when Audrey rang her bell and said she believed in Jesus.

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