I Can't Believe I Did It. I Can't Believe I Did It.

I keep telling myself that. I can't believe I did it. For 13 months it has been weighing on my heart. Hurting.

Going back to work. January is coming way too fast. Which means going back to teach kindergarten. Which means I won't see Audrey for at least 8 hours of the day. 8 hours of playing baby. 8 hours of running errands to the grocery store together. 8 hours of watching her giggle with excitement when we go and see the barn animals at my dad's house. 8 hours of waiting for her to wake from her nap so I can snuggle and steal kisses from her. 8 hours of sharing lunch together. 8 hours of block building. 8 hours of long walks.

Too much happens in 8 hours.

Too much I don't want to miss.

So I did it. With my husband 110% on board. I have officially resigned today. I am not going back in January and I can't believe it. I told my principal today. She was 110% supportive too. Praise God. I will miss my amazing school. The amazing faculty. My amazing kindergarten team.

But. But there is too much to miss in 8 hours from my sweet little girl.

And if I don't have to, I am not going to miss it. Any of it. And by don't have to, I mean, living by faith, spending less, and living more simply.

And it feels good.

This is for me. It what makes sense for me. For others it may not make sense. That's the beauty of being a mom. You (along with your family) get to make your own decisions. I respect working moms, stay-at-home-moms, work-from-home-moms, ALL moms. Because let's face it- no matter what we do as moms, it's a tough job, but completely worth it in the end.
I can't believe I did it.

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