I Didn't Know I Married a Plumber.

I knew I picked a good one. But I didn't know how good he really was until recently.

I knew he was a handy man. I knew he could put things together. I knew he could even do some electical. I knew he was good with cars.

But I didn't know he was a plumber.

We have been making a lot of progress on the house. But each time we finish one thing we realize we should do another before moving on. Take our bathroom for example. The plan was pretty simple to begin with, but now we have gone as far as completely gutting it and even changing the location of the toilet. Which this led to all new plumbing in the entire house.

And now I know my husband is also a plumber.

I would share pictures. But that requires me to use my computer. And on my computer I can only see about 1/4 of the screen due to a GIANT black spot on it from my husband dropping it a couple of weeks ago. Too bad my husband wasn't also a computer-fixer. Oh well, I guess I will settle for all other amazing things he is good at.

Later this week I promise to share picture updates of the home. I will sacrfice the annoyance of getting on a janky computer so you can see all the lovely-ness going on. Because you know you are dying to see pictures of plumbing.

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