We are on day nine of our family growing to a family of five. But I feel like it's been two months already. In a good way, a really good way. I'm sitting here blogging in the afternoon because all three are napping (whoa).  This is my first full solo-parenting day and I'm happy to report there has been no melt-downs (yet), not even by me. We even made banana bread.

 I woke up this morning and realized it was going to be all in my attitude. And that has helped  me so much. Patience and grace today that's been my motto. Don't get my wrong, this parenting gig to three kids 3.5 years and younger isn't easy. I have some demanding bosses, but they also teach me so much about love and forgiveness and just being, that I wouldn't trade this job for anything.

Yeah, I'm incredibly tired. Linc [isn't that cute?] went through a growth spurt Saturday and Sunday, and I swear that kid was trying to gain a full pound each day with his crazy nursing. Last night was another good nights rest though, I'm so thankful for that.

Some SOCC shots, 6 days old. 

He's nine days old, and I've already learned so much about him. He is pretty laid back--cries/grunts when he is hungry and doesn't like to get his diaper changed. He enjoys sleeping on his belly on our chest. Likes to be rocked [my girls didn't really like it, they were very independent sleepers from early on]. Loves to be swaddled, but keep his arms out. His hands are usually always touching his face when he sleeps. Does well in the car, unless he gets hungry. He has already been to quite a bit of stores, church, and the park. [None of which I did alone. I'm still hesitant to take all three out alone. Ha.] He is just so sweet and snuggly.

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