the weekend.

I love extra long weekends, especially when you start without really any plans and they slowly fill up with good, relaxing times. On Friday evening we went to our local pool opening, which was crazy, but it had free food. And I'm always about food, especially free. Saturday began with our tradition of garage sales and farmer's market. All five of us (hard to believe we are now a family of five!) pile in our van, which Audrey calls Rocket, and head out early in the morning. The girls stay in the van till the last garage sale, where they get to choose a little something to buy. Then off to the market. I know I've talked about it before, but our market is so fun, inviting, and full of interesting people. We can't leave without kettle corn popcorn, visiting the parrot man, and playing in the fountain.

 That Ariel toy is what she scored at the garage sale for 50 cents. She hasn't put it down yet. 
 Don't be fooled, that girl sat right down in the water and was soaked in no time at all. 
Linc hung out in the sling the entire time. I remember when I bought this one (off of Etsy) and was dreaming about the day I would wear him in it. And now it's here. 

The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent out on the lake, boating. One of my very favorite past times since childhood. I'm thankful my dad has a boat that we can readily use, one day we hope to have a boat of our own. Being that it was incredibly hot and Linc isn't big enough for a life-jacket, Andrew and I took turns staying home with him, while the other when on the boat with the girls. Which brings me to the point, that little dude is taking a bottle! About once a day we have been giving him a bottle so that he continues to do well with it. My girls very rarely got a bottle and didn't really like it, so this time around I introduced earlier and more regularly. Andrew loves the bonding time and I like the very small break. Win win!

Hope your weekend was lovely! I definitely didn't let it go by without remembering those who are serving and those who have served. 

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