strawberry shortcake festival.

I love starting traditions with the kiddos. I think traditions and {birthday} parties are two of my favorite things I love about being a mom. There is something special in coming to expect. I love looking back at old photos and reliving the moment in my head; thinking about that silly facial expression or the way the food tasted that day. 

Today we went to our town's annual Strawberry Shortcake Festival. It was cooler than usual for this time of year, but the sun was shining bright and the sight of kids frolicking around to the music was warmth to my heart. We had one big strawberry shortcake with three spoons. Audrey went for the whipped cream, Naomi loved the strawberries and ice cream, and I just devoured whatever was left. Lincoln was snug and so content in my Sleepy Wrap (it's like a Moby). 

We have had a couple of roller coaster days with our home we are trying to close on, so this fresh air was just what I needed. We were hoping to close tomorrow, but now it looks like it will be May 25. This journey with the house reminds me of my pregnancy and birth journey---I have to continue to let go and let God. 

Audrey was in the middle of saying "Shoot!" 

Naomi was intrigued by the birds above

You can see Audrey's first Strawberry Shortcake Festival here. {2009}

I think 2010 was rained out. 

You can see Naomi's first Strawberry Shortcake Festival here. {2011} 

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