little linc.

Little Linc ain't so little anymore, folks. As a 2.5 month old he compares to the size of a 6 month old. I figured it was time for an update on this little-big man.

When it comes to his sisters, he is a good sport. He takes the tight hugs, head-butt kisses, and occasional step on his foot/hand/body very well. The other day I went upstairs for .2 seconds and came back down to find what I thought to be pinch marks on his belly, by, you guessed it, Naomi. She loves him, she really does. But she also finds him to be a fun thing to explore and touch. Her new favorite thing is to show him every toy and say "see, baby. see." Audrey talks to him in THE cutest voice ever. And the minute he starts getting fussy she tells me I need to nurse him. The other day Audrey was holding a bag of pumped milk and standing outside my friend's home, when two older gentlemen walked by, she proudly announced and held the bag up "this is my mama's milk!" And I was totally standing right there. Yeah, that definitely happened.

Lincoln is a great sleeper...at night. He has consistently been sleeping at least 6 hours in a row and up to 8-9 hours sometimes too. Then wakes up, eats, and sleeps another 3-4 hours. He is in the co-sleeper in our room and I'm loving it. He has slept TWICE in his own crib. Ever. Which is about complete opposite of how his sisters were. Funny how parenting style changes with each one, huh? During the day he isn't much of a napper. He takes short 20 minute naps here and there. If I'm lucky I can sometimes get a 2 hour nap out of him when the girls nap, in which he sleeps in our bed all sprawled out on his belly. [Like right now! Yay!] He takes a paci, but mainly just in the evening times when he starts to get over-stimulated and tired.

He loves baths, I don't think he has ever cried during one. We try to give him one every other night, but occasionally we pull the "um, when is the last time this kid took a bath?" He also doesn't mind the carseat for the most part, as long as he his fed. He was a great traveler to Chicago this past weekend too! It is helpful he takes a bottle when need be. My girls were never big on the bottles. He loves to be worn. Which happens at some point every day out of necessity. Right now I mainly use the ring sling and occasional Sleepy Wrap. 

I started cloth diapering again when he was about 5 weeks old. I love fluffed bums, they are so cute. At night though, we stick with disposables. He is starting to get on a fairly predictable routine and nursing about every 2 hours (instead of the newborn stage when it was whenever and always). And he doesn't let one drop go to waste, he never spits up any of it, which is probably why the kid came in at 15lbs 2 oz at his two month check up (97%). 

[His bum looks twice as big as his head because of the cloth diaper.]

He is seriously so sweet and delicious. I just stare at him. A lot. I ask him all the time how did you get cuter? I didn't think that could happen. There you go again, cuter by the second. 

My only complaint is he likes to be held most of the day. But really is that a bad thing? Nah. A good excuse to not do dishes and laundry. I'll take it. 

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