my best friend's wedding.

For months now, I mean months, Audrey couldn't wait to be a flower girl in my best friend's wedding. When I bought her dress and shoes she had to put them on almost daily. Well, over the weekend, Audrey and Naomi were the sweetest little flower girls. The rehearsal didn't go so well, it was basically a dumping fest of flowers for Naomi as Audrey kept telling her "no, no! don't do that!" BUT, come wedding day, and both girls did very well. I was one of the matrons of honor, so the girls were able to walk right up to me. I can't wait to see the professional pictures, but for now I have my nifty iPhone pictures to share.

 Rehearsal night. 
Andrew and I pretty much had to tag-team the whole weekend so this is the only picture I took of us two. It was on our way to the rehearsal, which just happened to be on his birthday! My hunk of a man on his 31st birthday!

Wedding day! Naomi is really into saying "cheese" when a camera or a phone gets in her face. 

She looks innocent. But I call her my spit-fire child. 

My best friend, Kacie, had all the bridesmaids wear pretty much whatever they wanted as long as it was cream based. It was so, so awesome. 
The gorgeous couple. They didn't see each other before the ceremony, but still got a picture together!

We drove to Chicago for the event and stayed for four days. It was so fun to spend some quality time with some of my best girlfriends. But I will say, traveling with three kids, three and under is no easy task. We were so, so exhausted by the time we came home. When we were approaching our house, we talked about how thankful we were to be going home to our home. Two months ago, we would have been heading to my dad's, where we lived for almost three months. 

There is no place like home. Or sweet flower girls for that matter. 

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