pregnancy and food.

I know a post about my eating habits is quite lame. But a post that includes a picture of a little girl giggling is definitely not.

So in attempt to not be too lame, I give you this.

Mmmkay, back to my strange eating habits.

The sickness has started for me, like toilet meet my face sickness. This time it started at 6 weeks, with Audrey it began at 7 weeks. Lucky me, right? I have also noticed how much my food cravings have changed this pregnancy. Last time it was mainly I didn't like meat (which I don't with this pregnancy either) and the weirdest craving I had was apples with salt (at midnight), which I don't think is that strange. But now I eat strawberries and blueberries for dinner. Get sick. And then eat a baked potato at 10:30 at night. Or carrots for lunch and butterscotch pudding. I'll fix Audrey a nice lunch of soup, apple sauce and cottage cheese, and then pop pizza rolls in the oven for me. [Which are horribly bad for you, I know this.] I will eat a delicious pear salad for dinner and then eat more salad as my dessert. And if you know me, you know I love sweets and dessert. So why is this baby choosing more salad instead?! And my poor husband, I can't stand to cook right now, which I usually don't mind. But the smell gets to me. Last night my little sister made pancakes for him, which he brought home in a bag and ate straightfromthebag, because he has a wife that eats blueberries for dinner instead of making a nice home-cooked meal. [Tell me I am not alone, please. Or at least lie to make me feel better. Fine. Don't lie. That's not good either.]

The good news about all this crazy food stuff? I don't mind because it's all for the baby. It's my way of my body telling me I am growing a little human inside of me. And I kind of like love that.

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