a little fresh air.

It reached a whopping 35 degrees today, which called for some fresh air. It was sunny and the birds were chirping, so we ventured outside for seven whole minutes.
While outside I was reminded about how much yard work we have to do. According to the pictures you would think it was fall because of, ahem, all the leaves you still see on the ground. I assure you it is February, we just never finished raking our entire yard, since we were busy working on trying to make our house somewhat livable last fall. We have ZERO landscape and lots of brush to get rid of. But I am actually excited for the day to come when I can be outside in a tshirt working while Audrey plays in her house that was built just for her.

By the way, I am feeling much better thanks to the medicine, Zofran. Wednesday was the first day in weeks that I didn't get sick. I actually have cooked dinner for the last two nights as well. Grant it, I didn't make it through the day yesterday without a sickness encounter in the evening, but I am doing better. I can at least function, which says a lot for me. I am just thankful that Audrey has a mom back and Andrew doesn't have to continue to be Mr. Mom. I'm not my total normal-self, but it works, for sure.

And the fresh air was good for me today.

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