I asked you to Take a Guess. And I told you I would tell you in a week.

I lied.

I can't wait a week. Are you kidding me? A whole week? Right now each day feels like a week.

So what was in that little bag?

Jessica over at Momma's Gone City guessed it right, she DM on Twitter. Well, she didn't actually guess a pee stick. I mean, who would? But she did guess that I was pregnant!

I don't think anyone in the world would want to receive a pee stick as a gift except for a husband from his wife. Because let's face it, it's kind of gross. But hey, as a mom I would flash that thing around like it's a diamond on my finger. Because I'M PREGNANT. [side story: when I found out I was pregnant with Audrey I brought the stick to church the next day in my purse. And was all like look inside my purse to my friends. Looking back and now actually writing about it, it sounds really weird, but something I would totally do again. And here is where you share how bizarre you are, so I don't feel like a loner, mmkay?]

So here I am. Pregnant with number two. Which completely explains my exhaustion. I'm really early on, but I just can't wait to share. It's super exciting news. I am always amazed at those who can keep it a little secret for weeks and weeks. Let me just say, one of the main reasons I share so early is to ask for prayer. Prayer for the little one growing inside of me, and just prayer for me. So if you find a second while your driving or brushing your teeth and want to throw up a prayer for us, we would really appreciate it.

And now I'm going to sleep, because it's my new favorite thing next to a pineapple shake.

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