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This past weekend my baby turned 13 months. And suddenly she has all this 'tude and talk to me like I'm big, because I am. It doesn't matter if it's the first or fifth, every single baby amazes me and how fast they learn and pick up on language. Also? This past month Naomi became a full time walker. I love watching her toddle around. But my all-time favorite thing that she does right now is THE LOOK. I have posted this specific look on Facebook and Instagram. But I seriously can't get enough of it. She started about a week or two ago doing this grumpy look when she was mad---someone took a toy away from her, she fell down, you didn't give her a treat, you know, the usual. Now she does the look on demand and knows it's funny. She tries to do it as long as possible and then busts out a smile.

I will be 14 weeks on Saturday, which means I'm in my second trimester now-what, what. This third baby business is completely different then the first, even the second. I haven't even thought about a nursery or any preparation, I'm not even sure what fruit or vegetable size the baby is this week. But I can tell you, I'm excited about a newborn again and loving on this little one. I'm anxious to find out what we are having, it won't be too much longer. [Yeah, I'm not one to let it be a suprise, isn't birth a suprise enough? Ha.] I also haven't taken hardly any belly shots, maybe one? So, I quickly just got the camera out to snap this one. I do want to start a weekly what I wore: baby bump post. Because every now and then I like to get out a little dolled up. And by dolled up, I mean out of my pjs.

Those who have asked how I'm feeling-thank you! This pregnancy has, by far, been the easiest as far as sickness goes. Generally, I feel pretty good. Tired, but good. I get sick about once a week, but it is usually triggered by something I did, like waiting too long to eat between meals. I have learned that in the morning I must eat the second I get up. I can't even pick Naomi up out of her crib until I have eaten. And apparently this baby only likes waffles in the morning. I have tried cereal, oatmeal, and eggs, but it doesn't sit well with me. Waffles, just right. Every single day. In the first two pregnancies I always lost weight in the first trimester because I was so sick, this time I gained a pound. Ha!  I can still cover my bump up just fine (although regular jeans are out of the question), but I can notice a difference each day now. And I have to pee a lot. What the heck, this didn't happen in the other pregnancies till the last trimester. One of my favorite things about this pregnancy is how much Audrey talks about the baby. Mainly in terms of it being a boy. That is my brother. Even when we tell her it could be otherwise. She can't wait to hold the new baby because, sister is just too big to hold now.

Days can be really long with two little ones and another on the way. Sometimes I want to crawl into the tub and hide, but they are too quick, they would find me. But really, this life is so right and good. I may not be sky diving every day, but I sure am living on the edge with this parenting gig I have.

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