{first} snowfall.

On Tuesday mornings I have a work meeting, so Andrew has dad duty. On the way home from my meeting, I had the plans for the day running through my head. Lunch. Target for returns. Maybe play with some puppies at the pet shop. Organize some more Christmas decorations. But when I came home and the rain just kept coming and Audrey asked if we could just stay home, I said okay.

I'm so glad she did. Because we would have been galloping around Target and missed out on watching our very first snow fall of the year. We literally watched out our window as the rain began to turn to giant snowflakes. Immediately Audrey wanted to get geared up to go outside even if it wasn't sticking yet.

And so we did. I abandoned my plans and enjoyed the magical moment.

Within a very short amount of time we had a small amount of accumulation.
I watched it from my kitchen window in awe.

What would playing in the snow be without coming inside for some
hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream and sprinkles?

I usually despise the cold and winter months. But for some reason this year, I'm like bring it. There is something so enticing about being forced to stay inside like trapped in a snow globe and just slow down. To give up plans. And just be. Come February I will be wishing away the cold, I'm sure. But for now, I will put on my fuzzy socks, curl up with blanket, and tell Naomi for the umpteenth time to leave the ornaments alone.

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