a day in the life of a pregnant woman.

We had an incredible day Wednesday and then the night came and I think I changed into a werewolf or something.

I couldn't sleep. I had a migraine so bad I think a train was traveling through my head. I woke up and got sick multiple times.

And then yesterday. Oh, man. This is how I spent the majority of the day.

[Don't you find it awesome that my husband thought he would take a picture of me puking while Audrey consoles me because he thought it was 'blog-worthy?']

I love sharing one of my most unglamorous times with you, don't you? But let's not focus on my awesomeness in the picture. Look at that sweet little girl patting me on the back. When I get sick she hugs me over and over and pats me. And it actually helps me get through those rough times, because it is a gentle reminder that I am doing it all for another sweet baby. I just hope she doesn't get confused with the fact that you are actually suppose to go the potty in the toilet, not puke all the time.

I think it was a record eight times I was over that toilet. I can't hardly walk into the bathroom now without automatically thinking I am going to get sick.

Oh, and in case you are wondering why I am suddenly getting really sick again, it's because I ran out of Zofran. I didn't have medicine for a day and that is what happens. Zofran is my new best friend now. And I think I am back on track today. Andrew picked up my refill this morning. Whew.

Have I mentioned I am married to a rockstar husband? Despite his desire to take a picture of me while I puke, he has been one amazing man through all this. I came home from playgroup this morning and he cleaned the house before he left for work (which was after his early morning trip to CVS. Oh, and McDonalds. Sadly enough, the first meal I wanted to try to hold down was hashbrowns and a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit.)

I am hoping today I turn back into a wife and mother again. I miss those roles.

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