wedding weekend recap.

[Warning: Long, wordy post. You can read it or just skip straight to the pictures. I won't mind. It's more for my own memory.]

We're sniffling, coughing, and don't feel the greatest. But we had such a lovely weekend.

48 hours of child-free adult time. I was a little nervous about leaving Audrey for that long, but she did great (even though she doesn't feel well and teething). Of course, our friends did such a wonderful job watching her. So well, that I didn't really worry at all being away. In fact, I enjoyed the time I had with just my husband. I didn't even cry. Wait, I take that back. I did cry. But it wasn't over Audrey. It was over cheese. And that's for a whole different post.

On Friday we left for Cleveland, Ohio to stay 2-nights in a Ritz-Carlton and attend our friends' wedding. I could write a whole post about the Ritz, being that I have never stayed in one, and probably won't ever again [not because it wasn't nice, it was really nice, just that we can't afford it-we split a room with friends this time around and had a wedding discount, plus I love my free continental breakfasts' at a good o'Holiday Inn and the idea of not having to tip every single person you talk to].

Oh my gosh, did we relax. We spent some quality time with really good friends. Two other couples (from our small group at church) attended the wedding. They also left their kids behind, so we definitely didn't get away without talking about how much we loved and missed them. We enjoyed the hot tub whirlpool (see I call it a hot tub, but that isn't proper as I found out), at least my legs did. We ordered pizza late. Ate the most delicious cinnamon bun from a little Amish stand set up in the mall. And attended a very beautiful wedding, which you can imagine since the reception took place at the Ritz. It included a cocktail hour with appetizers and open bar (which I took advantage of the coke only-lucky me), a meal that makes your whole body melt, and an amazing cake that tasted like the icing had marshmallow creme in it. Then once the band started playing, a dessert bar was brought out. Which by that point I was so stuffed, I didn't even eat anything from it. And now I think I might be depressed because I didn't, it looked so good. Even my second stomach, reserved only for desserts, was already full. Late into the evening 'bar food' was brought out, you know, french fries, sliders, stuff that I love. Again, missed out on that food, because we are old fuddy-duds and left the party around 10:30pm because my pregnant body was tired and my husband wasn't feeling so well. It was so nice and we are glad we were able to witness and chat for a bit with the bride and groom (they live in Oklahoma now, so we don't see them much).

[Took these pictures with my regular digital camera, not my Nikon DSLR. Quality isn't nearly as good, but I didn't want to haul around my big camera.]

Our friends that attended the wedding with us. From left to right: Evan and Kylie, Zach and Karlee, and then me and my husband. See that red dress? I scored it from Target.

The beautiful couple. I wish I would have gotten a better close-up picture, her dress was gorgeous.

The church. I love going in old Catholic churches, the design and the strength of the buildings always amaze me.
Eating dinner. One of my favorite parts of the night. Because, duh, I love food.

Getting down on the dance floor. Oh, and I also love dancing. I can do the robot. No joke.

My pretty friends both inside and out. We're hanging out in the foyer of the Ritz.

P.S. I felt pretty great all weekend- didn't even really think about getting sick. But not too long after I got home tonight I got sick. It's like my body automatically thinks it is time to throw up when I walk down my hallway or open the fridge or enter the bathroom. So pretty much, I can't live in my house until I am over it, right? I guess I might have to stay at the Ritz for the next couple of weeks. At least that's my solution. Oh, and I have a horrid cough that started in the night. Pretty much we are all fighting off the same thing in our house right now. And hoping we didn't spread the germs to our friends.

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