Monday Rambles on a Tuesday.

I'm a day late on my usual Monday Rambles. But that's okay because as I am typing I am eating Sour Patch Gummies and that makes me happy. In fact I think I will just make this my happy list...
  • We have had some incredible weather here. We spent two hours at the park yesterday. It was so fun to see Audrey on the park as a toddler. I was reminded of how grateful I am that I can take Audrey anytime during the day to do fun things like that. I don't ever want to take for granted that I stay home with Audrey, because I know how hard it is for working moms. And I respect them so much.
  • Audrey's pigtails. Need I say more?
  • I had my 10 week check up today and heard the heartbeat with the doppler. Everything looks great. I am still getting sick, but looking on the positive side, it's not as much!
  • I am going shopping for a dress tomorrow to wear to a wedding that we are attending in two weeks. And I don't even think I am going to Goodwill for it. Whoa. I know. I am super excited about the wedding, because I get to spend some much needed quality time with just my husband. Audrey is going to be in the loving care of my really good friend, Stephanie and her husband, Drew. It will be our first time away from Audrey, but I am 100% confident that she will be fine because they pretty much love her like she was their own. And I have a feeling they are going to spoil her.
  • I almost forgot- I won something on a blog this week! Not just any blog, I love reading what Steph has to say over at Adventures in Babywearing. She is a mother of four, and just so amazing. She was putting on a special online baby shower for her friend, Beth and everything Beth received they were also giving one away to a reader. And I won something! I won an amazing Sleepy Wrap (baby carrier) from Heavenly Hold. I chose the orange one- I wanted to try out a fun different color. I can't wait to use this wrap with baby #2. I love babywearing!
That wraps up my happy list. What's on your happy list this week?

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