she wasn't even scared of the dinosaurs.

It was loud. There was pretend thunder and rain and roaring. But she wasn't scared. She was so intrigued. She LOVED the dinosaur exhibit at the Children's Museum.

We spent the day digging up bones. Driving race cars. Dancing in silly mirrors. Riding trains. Playing in water. Pretending to be in a Barbie fashion show. Going down big slides. Eating cotton candy. Bulldozing rocks. Riding a 90 year old carousel.

It was truly a day of fun.

Audrey the paleontologist.

Cousin Jonathan enjoyed playing with the dinosaurs. Especially when they were eating me.

The flower garden where Audrey picked every flower.

Oh my gosh. I could just eat her up.

Blurry, but I love this shot of me and my sweet baby girl.

Watch out Indy 500, two drivers in the training!

I can't believe God gave me this beautiful little girl.

The day ended with a ride on the carousel with Gramps. Notice how tired Audrey looks. It wasn't 5 minutes later and she was zonked out.

****By the way, my Audrey Rose is 17 months today. ****

Also, we leave tomorrow for a 2 day trip to witness our friends getting married. It will be 2 days without Audrey. Every one always talks about a child's milestone, but what about a parents? I'm reaching one this weekend, leaving Audrey overnight without mama or daddy. I know she will be fine and this is a much needed time for me and my husband. But still. Right? Good thing I soaked up so much love today with her. I am storing it up for the weekend.

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