Monday Rambles.

  • We are all finally on the mend from being sick this past week- Audrey had a double-ear infection, Andrew had an upper respiratory infection, and I just had a little bit of everything. BUT we are better and it feels good to not spend so much money on doctor visits and medicine in one week. There was definitely a point where I wanted to scream in the middle of the night between Audrey not sleeping well and my husband coughing constantly. Actually, I screamed in my head and I'm pretty sure my neighbors could still hear me. Then I said 'and this too shall past.' And it did. I am glad to have my happy, feeling better family back.
  • Gamma (Andrew's mom) and Aunt Suzanne (Andrew's sister) came to visit this weekend. We enjoyed a Saturday morning Easter egg hunt (pictures posting tomorrow). It was fun visiting with them.
  • Do you watch Parenthood? I'm not sure what I think about the show yet. I know it makes me not want my kids to grow up. But it also makes me want to have a beautiful outdoor sitting area with a long wood table where all family can come together and eat outside, drink wine, and just enjoy life. Which reminds me, I am looking for an old farmhouse kitchen table. Right now we have a black card table up. Seriously. I try to disguise it with a cute vintage tablecloth, but that only goes so far, especially with the fold up chairs.
  • The hubster and I are going to get back on a tight budget. We want to get rid of some debt before the next baby comes. We used to be really good about it, sticking to a cash only system. But honestly, I have been a slacker since I have been sick. If there is something I wanted to eat then I went and bought it. If I didn't feel like cooking then we went out to eat. But it's time to pull back the reigns and rebudget. We also are getting rid of cable tv. Which I'm not really worried about, we have gone many times without cable, plus most shows on on the internet nowadays.
  • On Tuesday I will be 13 weeks along. Goodbye first trimester, hello second. Next week I have a regular check up. Audrey will have her yearly heart check-up too. Then in two weeks will be her 18 month check up. I just can't believe it.
Did you catch all that? I know my rambles aren't the most interesting thing, but it helps me clear my head and I need that.

That's all. Happy Monday.

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