just a day.

It's these days I love. I breathe in and breathe out. And bottle up these moments so I can have them forever. Then sometimes open up the lid just ever so slightly so I can smell all the sweetness from it.  

Not just the days we go on a special trip like to the museum [although those days are fun and cherished!], but the simple days.

Like the days we visit daddy at work usually with a lunch or just a surprise drop-in to say hello, exchange kisses and go on our way. It brightens all of our days.

Then we head to the park. And more moments are made on just a day.

I'm convinced it was a secret park. Hidden in a bubble that no one else could come into. It was just me and Audrey at this small park on a sunny 60 degree day.

Just a {simply} lovely day.

And she grew up right before my eyes.

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