it's easter. i can't choose just one.

Or just five pictures to share. There are too many. But being that I took over seventy shots today, and sharing only seven, that's not bad, right?

It was such a beautiful day. We celebrated His resurrection. Spent so much time outside. Swinging. Picking flowers. Going down the slide. Having an Easter egg hunt. Blowing bubbles. Visiting my dad's neighbor's and all their wonderful farm animals. Oh, and of course, eating. Duh, my favorite part once again.

Family shot. Gotta have one of these, right? (Next year, there will be another little one with us- yay!)

I think she would pick flowers all day if I let her.
Leaning in to give her cousin, Jonathan, a kiss. They are so stinking cute together.

A little on Audrey's outfit. Her coat that she is wearing in the first picture is vintage, I got it at a garage sale last year. Her dress came from TJ Maxx. It was $17, not bad, considering she will be wearing it again in August for her uncle's wedding. Her hat she borrowed, I made the flower clip for it. And her silver shoes came from Old Navy. Total cost of outfit $27. I think I scored, yes?

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