my {outdoors} girly girl.

She doesn't like being dirty. If her hands touch the ground and dirt is on them, she immediately wants them wiped [ironically she hates having her hands and face washed after meals]. She requests for her slide to be swept if there are twigs on it. If you hand her a rag she will wipe everything down for you. She takes cautionary steps over rocks. If she finds a hairclip on the floor she will say "pretty" and try to put it in. She still likes to wear necklaces, and points out when she sees someone with one on- even if that means in the middle of church when the pastor is praying. While I get ready in the morning she goes through my makeup. She thinks every person that carries some type of bag is actually carrying a purse. She loves wearing dresses. Oh wait, that would be me. I love her wearing dresses.

She's my girly girl.

But today. She played outside for a good two hours in just a diaper. Romped around the ground without shoes on. Rode her cousin's mini-4-wheeler. Splashed in a pool that was mixed with grass. Ate a push-pop that ended up more on her than in her mouth. Sat in a sandbox and explored (had her dressed for this part- didn't want too much sand getting in her, well, you know.]

She's my girly girl that loves being outside and can occasionally pull off the diaper-only look and not care how dirty she gets.
Audrey with her cousin, Jonathan.

She kind of has the best facial expressions. Ever.

Another one of her most favorite activities- swinging. We just hung this one up last weekend and she wants in it at least three times a day. (P.S. Audrey is getting like 45 teeth in right now. So finding her with her hands in mouth is very normal).

A girly-girl who loves babies [this is an understatement].

She is going to be an awesome older sister. I can't wait to see what type of personality our next one will have...

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