love list.

  • It has been absolutely gorgeous weather here. Mid 70's-80's. It makes even the tough days go so much easier.
  • Today I received my order in the mail from Diapers.com. I purchased these See Kai Run shoes for Audrey for the fall. (Scored them for only $15). The order also came with itty-bitty diapers for the next baby and I was like babies don't really come this small, do they? And then, I remembered, yes they most certainly do. Audrey entered the world at 6lbs 13oz.
  • Audrey had a heart check-up today with an EKG to make sure her Pulmonary Stenosis was in check. And everything looked sounded great. Praise God! Not to mention Audrey was a rockstar with the nurse and doctor. Every time they did something she said "more, more." She wanted them to check her blood pressure and put all the sticky cords on her again.
  • We had our house appraised and just received word that it appraised for even more than we thought it would- this is very exciting news to see fruits from our labor. (We bought this house for dirt cheap and have put hours days weeks months of work into fixing it up). We plan on living here for only a couple of years and then selling it- we bought as an investment opportunity.
  • I'm 15 weeks along (as of yesterday)! That means I'm definitely past my first trimester. My energy is coming back. And I am starting to feel better (sort of- I tried to go two days without my medicine, but I found out the hard way, I better stay on it for a bit longer). Oh, did I mention in just three weeks we get to find out the gender? I grant you permission to mark your calendar for May 4.
And here is proof of the little human growing inside me. (Finally a picture by request).

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