monkeys and pregnancy.

Don't worry, the two are not related. [Although, I did spend the last couple of minutes trying to figure out how I could make them related. Ha.]

When I went to Audrey's 18 month check-up we got a paper that said "Toddlers do not understand sharing. If a problem arises remove them from the situation and distract them with another toy."

I'd like to argue that Audrey DOES understand sharing. Here's proof:

See that monkey? See that oatmeal ALL over the monkey? Audrey shared her breakfast with the monkey by spoon feeding him. You know, cause the monkey was so hungry and Audrey loves to share.

Moving on to the pregnancy part of the post.

Here I am 17 weeks along (as of yesterday).

And just for good measure and fun, here I am 17.5 weeks pregnant with Audrey.

And now I'm going to eat Girl Scout Cookies (because as of yesterday, I am all out of Peanut Butter M&Ms).

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