Monday Rambles.

  • It always amaze me at how quickly a week(end) can pass. It's already Monday again. Geesh. But, the good news--we had another productive weekend in the house of always fixing up. I would practically call this past weekend monumental because (drumroll please), Andrew and I installed the kitchen floor. (Fine, Andrew pretty much installed the whole thing himself, but I did help a tiny bit). This means I don't have a grungy, paint spotted, always dirty looking, non-existing floor to look at anymore. Wondering what we installed? Nothing fancy. Just laminate. But I LOVE it. And I realize that I haven't hardly shared any pictures of the progress on our house. So photos will be coming soon!
  • Also? Our kitchen table has been a black folding table and four chairs for the last six months. But today? I bought a farm table with six chairs (at a super duper good deal).
  • In case your wondering. Last Thursday was beautiful. See picture below.
  • (We call my mom "Mimi" that is what she wanted as her "grandma" name. And in case you didn't know, Audrey's middle name Rose, is after my mom's first name, Rosemary.)
  • I made a goal for myself this week to go to the grocery store one time. Last week I went at least three, and if you count Target, you could say four times. Seriously, someone needs to plan better, ahem. Tomorrow we have small group coming over, Wednesday we have friends coming for dinner, and Sunday I am hosting a baby shower. One trip to the grocery store? At least I have a list this time. (And we will just ignore the trip that my husband is taking tonight to pick up juice and milk so we can make it through the morning).
  • Two weeks from tomorrow we get to find out the gender. So excited. And right now I'm loving feeling the baby move on the inside. I think God carefully orchestrated this time for a mother to bond with her child in a such a special way because she is the only one that can feel those flutters until the baby gets big enough for the outside to start to rumble.
  • We got rid of our cable last week. It's been really nice. The tv hasn't been on at all, except for the couple of movies we have watched. The one show that I will continue to watch online is Parenthood.
  • Audrey had her 18 month check up today. Omgosh. I have an 18 month old baby toddler. She is scaling in at 24 lbs and 32.5 inches long. This past week she has managed to perfect the whine, which I am now having to somehow revert. Her obsessions still include babies and dogs. But mostly babies. Naked babies. And my new favorite word that I like her to say over and over- "o-tay, o-tay."
Alright enough rambling. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a start to a great week. Happy Monday!

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