bump watch {23 weeks}.

[Let's pretend a week hasn't passed since I last blogged. Also, let's pretend the last storm we had didn't do any damage to our house (it isn't extensive, but it is damage nonetheless). Or that one of vehicles had to get repaired this week. And another one needs to go in the shop. Let's just focus on baby bump, shall we?]

I have been wanting to post a weekly picture here of the growing bump. Now I'm 23 (almost 24) weeks into it, and I'm just now committing to it. Also, pictures are deceiving most of the time. I feel so much bigger than most of my belly pictures. Wait, I am bigger than what it looks. The appetite is getting out of control. No doubt. I wear black. A lot. I think it is a good "I just ate a second lunch" hider.

(iphone pics, because the dear DSLR is still broken)

I love, love this picture. Not because of me, but because {unintentionally} there is a picture of just my beautiful mama and me and bump in the pic. We will never have a three generation picture, but this, this is good. And makes my heart swell.

There isn't too much news on the baby-front. Except I'm feeling good. And I'm getting to the point where bending over isn't really easy anymore. And flipping sides in bed is starting to require a heck of a lot of momentum. I do feel the mister move all the time. Which is pretty much one of my favorite things, ever. The cravings aren't crazy. Except I just love food in general. A lot. Mexican is probably still top on my list. Queso dip. Yes. Except it better be white, or I may ask the waitress to take it back. (I ordered Queso dip at a restaurant and it came out mainly with beans and red sauce. Huh? Sorry Charlie.) By this time with both girls, I had a nursery planned and even painted. This time around, I don't plan on making a nursery until we move. We are hoping to get our house back on the market sometime in February. But, I do have some fun Pinterest ideas stored away. Think industrial. Orange. Deep grey. Cork board. Maps. Oh, yes!

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